New Form of Health Insurance Card to Be Issued from April 1

9:54:15 AM | 3/17/2021

From April 1, 2021, the new form of health insurance card will be used nationwide according to Decision 1666/QD-BHXH of Vietnam Social Security on the issuance of the form of health insurance card. Currently, Vietnam Social Security is actively preparing and ensuring the timely printing and issuance of the new form of health insurance cards according to regulations in order to create the most favorable conditions for the people; avoiding congestion in looking up information of health insurance card for health care facilities covered by health insurance, ensuring the benefits of health insurance policyholders.

The new form of health insurance card has changed in the direction of bringing more benefits to the participants, especially in the process of applying for the card, preserving and using the card to perform medical examination and treatment under health insurance. This will ensure the best benefits of health insurance for participants in accordance with the law. Specifically, some highlights of new benefits are as follows: The new form of health insurance card has a compact size like a citizen's identity card and some ATM cards, laminated after printing, convenient to preserve and use. The card number includes only 10 digits, instead of 15 characters as the current health insurance card. This helps to reduce the number of characters the participants need to declare when signing in on the Vietnam Social Security Portal (at the address or declaring during the procedure of applying for continuing to participate in health insurance; re-issuing and change of cards; or checking the cost of medical examination and treatment covered by health insurance on the Public Service Portal of Vietnam Social Security (at the address The back of the new health insurance card has specific instructions on how to use the card, helping policyholders clearly understand how to look up information about the card and their entitlements; how to contact the social insurance agency for guidance and answers to difficulties, problems.

During the implementation of the new card, the new form of health insurance card will be used in parallel with other forms of health insurance cards specified in Decision 1313/QD-BHXH dated December 2, 2014 on the issuance of the form of health insurance card, Decision 1500/QD-BHXH dated December 14, 2015 on the issuance of health insurance cards to soldiers, people's police, and cipher workers, and they all have equal values for medical care under health insurance.

H.T (Vietnam Business Forum)