New Energy to Vietnamese SMEs in Digitalization

11:05:53 AM | 4/5/2021, the global business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform of Alibaba Group, recently organized an online summit to offer Vietnam market The New Boom products and services to accelerate Vietnamese SMEs in digitalization.

In the context of the pandemic, took initiatives in April 2020 to support Vietnamese SMEs in particular and SMEs around the world in general to digitize their business, and recover from the pandemic. Since then, witnessed a rocket growing demand on the platform and more businesses are now digitized.

“We all know that COVID-19 reshaped the world and the e-commerce. And during this kind of period, we have also seen a lot of for last year, and many changes in the global landscape, for example, the RCEP. We strongly believe that we will see another mega trend of growth after this pandemic. From the buyer’s perspective, the worldwide demand will continue to grow stronger, for which we will provide more useful data to make sure that they understand the current situation of, helping them be better at serving and selecting customers”, said Mr. Stephen Kuo, Head of Asia Pacific, at the summit.

Till now, the global trade has been largely undermined while e-commerce and online B2B trading proved to be the key to success, continues to bring more business opportunities to Vietnamese SMEs in “the new normal” in 2021.

Mr. Roger Lou – Country Manager of Vietnam, iterated the significance of Vietnam market to and how this platform helped Vietnamese SMEs with upgraded products and services: “In the process of "Great Migration" of global manufacturing industry, Vietnam's strategic position is much more important than ever before and now Vietnam's strategic opportunity has come. This is the golden chance for SME to expand business given the economical background. plans to offer more traffic opportunities, more website benefits and more digital efficiency tools to Vietnamese SMEs, and enable them to get more business. The new normal – created by COVID-19 has changed the world’s shopping behavior and rebalanced the supply chains. The majority of B2B companies have shifted their go-to marketing model from traditional to digital, with heavy reliance on video and online chat. Most B2B supplier interactions have moved to remote or digital, and that’s exactly what customers want. With these insights, is here with Vietnamese SMEs to adapt with this new and ever-changing situation”.

Mr. To Nghiep Sieu – Vice Director of Hanh Sanh Company, shared his experience after 2–year onboarding with “We have successfully exported our electronic fans through since 2019. This platform has provided fully effective tools for enterprises to search clients and accelerate revenue, namely product posting, minisite creating, showcase setup, star rating, keyword optimizing, chat script creating…, on 3 stages of Build up performance, Actively get traffic and Optimize performance”.

The New Boom in products and services which offered for the Vietnamese market in 2021 will support Vietnamese SMEs in 3 aspects: offering e-commerce total solutions as a continuous effort; localized and problem-solving services; and a business ecosystem that fuels SMEs growth.

Nam Pham (Vietnam Business Forum)