Khanh Hoa Development Project Management Unit Speeding up IT application, Boosting Performance

10:19:47 AM | 7/6/2021

Administrative reform of the Khanh Hoa Development Project Management Unit (KDPM) in the 2017-2020 period always achieved good outcomes and led public service units in Khanh Hoa province. Mr. Chau Ngo Anh Nhan, Director of KDPM, said, "The unit focused on administrative reforms, with focus placed on information technology application to project management."

Khanh Hoa Development Project Management Unit was established from the upgrade of Nha Trang Environmental Sanitation Improvement Project Management Unit. Since its inception, the unit has actively built good relationships with many partners who are sponsors, consultants, contractors and experts all over the country. In particular, the unit has focused on applying information technology to project management and solving its tasks more quickly. Thanks to IT application, its work has been made smooth amidst the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic, he said.

In addition, in the past five years (2016-2020), the unit implemented many key projects and advised the province to sign a funding agreement on Sustainable Environment Project for Coastal Cities in 2017. The unit completed design and certification and selected contractors for the saltwater dam project along Cai Nha Trang River, which was kicked off in October 2020. The project is under construction in the river and site clearance is going on at two bridgeheads.

The unit has basically finished proposed contents of an integrated and adaptive development project of Khanh Hoa province. This large-scale project costs VND3,500 billion, funded by the World Bank’s loan and the province's reciprocal capital. The project is preparing to be submitted to the Prime Minister for approval and launched a feasibility study report for early signing of an agreement, expected at the end of 2021, deployed in early 2022 and completed in 2026. The project will restore some rivers in the west of Nha Trang City to deal with natural drainage, build a public route for wastewater collection and treatment for the west side of Nha Trang, Ring Road 3 and Cam Ranh City.

Defining that personnel is the core of every work, the unit has strengthened employee training organized by the province; and facilitated its employees to upgrade their professional knowledge and qualifications. As a result, employees holding master’s degree increased from three to 10 out of 30 employees in the past five years.

In 2021, in the context of existing economic challenges, the Khanh Hoa Development Project Management Unit is resolved to implement the "dual goal" of developing business and combating the epidemic. Nhan said, “In the short term, meetings and paperwork will be carried out online. All active construction work complies with 5K epidemic preventive measures. We are determined that all construction and installation packages will be implemented on schedule even though they are carried out during the pandemic".

Source: Vietnam Business Forum