Hanwha Life Vietnam cements its market leadership and leverages on its seamless, digital-first experience with the LIME app

9:59:21 AM | 19/7/2021

The South Korean-headquartered life insurer Hanwha Life Vietnam has just launched the first-of-its-kind digital platform for the insurance market and the company's customers and people living in Vietnam, known as LIME. The LIME mobile application will be available on both iOS and Android.

The LIME app launch is a part of Hanwha Life's "customer-centric" strategy, showing the company's substantial investment in improving customer experience.

Besides its essential functions to support its policyholders, LIME serves everyone in Vietnam as a lifestyle platform and delivers lifestyle contents and services with interactive features like social networks.

Live life to the fullest with LIME

The name LIME is a combination of the words "Life" and "Me". Life is rich colorful experiences all around that each of us should not miss any one of them.

True to its claim, LIME is envisaged to become a youthful, stylish, and indispensable companion of policyholders and Vietnamese people. Customers will reap the exclusive privileges from LIME's wide range of services and features, such as a social network and interactive yet comprehensive services, including:

• Exploring a comprehensive experience and a quality lifestyle in many areas such as travel, entertainment, cuisine, physical and mental healthcare, esports, and many others. Content can be easily engaged (liked, shared, commented) like other social media platforms and can easily be accessed by logging in via Facebook, Gmail, Zalo, and Apple ID accounts.

• Managing insurance contracts and payment history

• Receiving the latest notice of premium payment deadlines to prevent contract voiding

• Fast online premium payments

• Multiple benefits from loyalty programs with Urbox

Besides some inherent applications, such as online contract management, automated insurance underwriting, e-payments, LIME taps into the vast potential of Hanwha Life's digital ecosystem.

At the same time, LIME seeks to team up with digitally-driven commercial banks and fintech in Vietnam, such as MoMo, Payoo, and VNPAY, in a bid to diversify Hanwha Life's payment approaches. Contactless payments have grown in popularity as consumers and insurers also look for a convenient and safe way to pay, particularly in the context of the lingering pandemic.

With the customer-centric approach in mind, Hanwha Life believes in generational shifts, especially among Millennials and Gen Z, to become a potent influence on the whole economy and the insurance sector. The content development team from Hanwha Life Vietnam will collaborate with young and talented content creators of these two generations to provide various topics on life experiences tailored to their tastes on the LIME platform.

Special features on LIME will also be continuously updated to meet the constantly burgeoning needs of Millennials and Gen Z, accompanying these dynamic and ever-moving generations.

Hanwha Life Vietnam will further expand this platform by allowing partners to integrate LIME into their operations and offer a seamless and digital-first experience for everyone.

Uplifting Hanwha Life to a greater height

"With the customer-centric strategy embedded in our DNA, Hanwha Life Vietnam, with its global quality from South Korea and regional focus in Vietnam, is driven by the motto to promote smarter, healthier lifestyles for Vietnamese," said Mr. Im Dong Jun, CEO of Hanwha Life Vietnam.

"With a high level of interactivity and comprehensive expertise, we hope our digital platform LIME will become a close friend of all users. We are striving to make a significant and positive impact for the whole community," he added.

“With many smart features to meet the needs of insurance services, LIME is a comprehensive solution to help users manage their financial plans and explore interesting topics.

Besides LIME, Hanwha Life will create synergies with Hanwha LIFEPLUS VN – a dedicated YouTube channel with colorful content about life, experience, and solutions to make life better. Currently, the channel has attracted more than 240,000 followers.

Through this, Hanwha Life Vietnam will continue to harness the value of open innovation and disrupt the life insurance industry by redefining the concept of customer services and introducing new digital services," Mr. Im Dong Jun highlighted.

As a life insurer undergoing a drastic transformation, Hanwha Life Vietnam is also actively seeking further strategic cooperation with local and foreign partners across various industries, from healthcare, banking, fintech, and high-tech companies, to fulfil higher customers' expectations.

Recently, Hanwha Life has also embarked on its cooperation with Gene Solutions – a leading company in genetics and, at the same time, became a strategic partner of Pharmacity – Vietnam's first and largest retail pharmacy chain.

"We aspire to achieve long-term growth in a data-driven world. With our various tailor-made services catering to the specific needs of policyholders, as well as our mission-driven LIME, we firmly believe we will bridge the gap of urgency for comprehensive insurance needs, thus providing added value in the digitalized, financial landscape here in Vietnam," Mr. Im Dong Jun emphasized.

Hanwha Life Vietnam's business excellence is broadly recognized despite the market turbulence due to the pandemic.

In 2020, Hanwha Life Vietnam maintained sustainable growth and stellar performance. The South Korean insurer boasted around VND1.9 trillion ($82.6 million) in total revenue in the first six months of 2021, up 21 percent on-year. Its profit for the first six months reached approximately VND175 billion ($7.61 million), expecting to record profits for three years in a row.

This year, Hanwha Life Vietnam set its sights on leveraging its global network and international practices with a regional focus to cement its leading position in the market and become the most trusted life insurer in the country.

Currently, Hanwha Life Vietnam is enhancing its customer value proposition through more than 170 service points.

Ha Linh (Vietnam Business Forum