Vietnam Social Security Aggressively Accelerates Digitalization

8:35:40 AM | 7/21/2021

The Vietnam Social Security is a leading unit in applying IT to its operation and management. However, if they are subjective and do not take quick steps forward, the industry will fall behind, especially in the current trend of strong digital transformation requirements of ministries, branches and the whole society.

Synchronizing and completing the database for digital transformation

At the conference on digital transformation of the insurance industry recently organized by the Vietnam Social Security, Director of the Information Technology Center Le Nguyen Bong said that the Vietnam Social Security has reviewed and standardized the specialized databases of the insurance industry to provide a national database of insurance. The industry has promoted coordination with relevant ministries and branches to synchronize and complete the database.

Up to now, the Vietnam Social Security has carried out the review and collation of millions of insurance policies holders from the national population database. On May 28, 2021, Vietnam Social Security officially implemented the authentication of citizen information from the national population database when citizens register an electronic transaction account with the social insurance agency on the Online Public Service Portal of Vietnam Social Security and on VssID application.

Currently, the Vietnam Social Security has completed providing 100% of online public services level, and integrated on the National Service Portal. Social insurance services of Vietnam Social Security are being provided through the public postal service (VNPOST); payment services provided through banks (there are five services of the industry already provided on VssID application).

According to General Director of Vietnam Social Security Nguyen The Manh, over the years, the application of IT in Vietnam's social insurance industry has achieved many positive results, with the right direction, laying an important and solid foundation for the transformation of the industry, contributing to the achievement of the national digital transformation goal. The database of the social insurance industry is increasingly complete, synchronous and ready to be linked with the national database and the ministries, branches and localities. The industry's software and applications are constantly being upgraded, improved, connected and interconnected, bringing many benefits to participants and beneficiaries of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance policies.

More efforts needed

Regarding the implementation plan in the coming time, Vietnam Social Security has determined and improved the service and support for participants of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance through digital transformation with the following objectives: continuing to restructure administrative procedures and information services in line with the trend of digital transformation; implementing online public services on VssID application; optimizing the user experience on the industry's application and Service Portal; fully digitizing the results of administrative procedures; continuing to expand the open data portfolio to develop Digital Government; and continuing to improve the Information Services Portal according to the new e-government architecture.

According to Mr. Nguyen The Manh, digital transformation is a very important task of Vietnam's social insurance industry. In order to do this well, General Director Nguyen The Manh asked the units under the Vietnam Social Security to advance digital transformation; perfect business processes, perfect software, applications and data for connection and communication; and strengthen coordination with ministries and branches to mobilize participation and support in related issues.

The digital transformation of the industry has a huge amount of work, so it is necessary to have a roadmap to clearly assign officers with suitable jobs, regarding human resources as the center, said General Director Nguyen The Manh. In addition to the digital transformation of the entire industry, each unit and officer in the industry also needs to improve their professional skills to meet the requirements of tasks in the new situation, he added.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum