State Budget Revenue Grows 31.53%

9:23:50 AM | 8/23/2021

Budget revenue grossed VND230,538 billion (over US$10 billion) in the year to July 31, equal to 73.2% of the full-year plan and 69.6% of the revised target and up 31.53% year on year.

The biggest sources of budget revenue were still electronics, woodwork, footwear and apparel. Vietnam’s import and export value rose 29.5% year on year to US$371.16 billion, of which the total export value was estimated at US$184.33 billion, up 24.8% and the total import value was US$186.83 billion, up 34.4%.

Woodwork exports were estimated at US$9.5 billion from January to July, up 50.7%. Footwear export expanded 27.7% to US$12.1 billion. Apparel shipments were forecast at US$18.6 billion, up 14.1%. Telephone and parts generated US$29.35 billion, up 11.9%.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum