Hanwha Life Vietnam Officially Launches Medical Reimbursement Rider 2021

5:35:18 PM | 9/6/2021

Hanwha Life Vietnam officially introduced the newest addition to its burgeoning insurance product portfolio – the Medical Reimbursement Rider 2021.

The new supplemental insurance product offers a great selection of plans to meet policyholders’ needs for comprehensive and long-term healthcare up to the age of 75. The product covers medical expenses for illness or injury at global Hospitals (with the range of coverage depending on the insurance plan) and supports Direct Billing Services with more than 200 domestic and foreign affiliated Hospitals and Clinics.

As an upgrade to the “Medical Reimbursement Rider 2017”, Medical Reimbursement Rider 2021 provides a full suite of outstanding advantages and benefits: Diverse insurance plan with five options: Basic, Advanced, Premium, Comprehensive, and Perfect, with a maximum coverage up to $65,000 per year; Comprehensive healthcare with benefits in inpatient, outpatient, dental care and pregnancy care. The supplemental product includes benefits payable in case of kidney dialysis, cancer treatment, pregnancy complications, birth defects, physical therapy, organ transplants…;  Available for beneficiaries of a wide age range, from 30 days old to 65 years old, with comprehensive and long-term healthcare up to the age of 75, with an affordable insurance premium; Payment of medical expenses for inpatient and treatment around the globe (depending on the insurance plan); Fast payment for a wide range of Direct Billing Network at more than 200 domestic and foreign Hospitals and Clinics affiliated with Hanwha Life Vietnam.

Mr Im Dong Jun, CEO of Hanwha Life Vietnam shared, “As our lives are undergoing a major upheaval, we realize the need to take better care of our health and ensure finances for all contingencies. Vietnamese customers are becoming more aware of the quality of healthcare services than ever. This motivates us to constantly perfect our products, especially in health protection, so that we can stand by their side in good times and especially in bad ones. With the strength and global experience of Hanwha Group and our customer-centric approach, we are confident that the superior benefits of our new product will help customers feel more secure and live happier, freer lives.”

As the foundation of a peaceful and happy life, health should never take the back seat. Everyone deserves a life secured by long-term international quality healthcare and medical services and Hanwha Life Vietnam’s Medical Reimbursement Rider 2021 will help customers get the treatment they want at an affordable cost, so that they can enjoy a life with peace of mind.

Thu Ha (Vietnam Business Forum)