Specialized Inspection Needs Reforming to Facilitate Importation and Exportation

8:34:30 AM | 9/23/2021

Violations accounted for just 0.0033% of tens of thousands of customs declarations subject to specialized inspection in Ho Chi Minh City in the first half of 2021.

This fact further confirms that specialized inspection needs to be reformed and simplified soon to facilitate importation and exportation.

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department, 204,200 customs declarations were filed in June and over 7,000 declaration forms were subject to specialized inspection, accounting for 3.62% of the total.

Of this figure, over 3,000 forms or 1.5% of the total were subject to quarantine check, 2,173 forms or over 1% to quality control, and 1,200 forms or nearly 0.6% to cultural inspection.

In addition, the number of customs declarations subject to specialized inspection is also quite high. In a month, nearly 2,900 customs declarations for imports and nearly 2,000 declarations for exports were checked for origin.

According to the department, these figures were aggregated and averaged from data submitted by its subordinate customs offices. Many customs offices handled a great number of customs declaration forms but those subject to specialized inspection were few. Typical examples include the Outsourcing Merchandise Customs Office, Linh Trung Export Processing Zone Customs Office, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone Customs Office and Express Delivery Customs Office.

The low rate of declaration forms subject to specialized inspection is attributed to import purposes: For outsourced manufacturing, export manufacturing and use by tenants in export processing zones which are free from specialized inspection. Meanwhile, this rate is high in seaport and airport customs offices.

Although customs declarations subject to specialized inspection in Ho Chi Minh City-based border gates are great in number, the violation rate is too low. In the first six months of 2021, only 34 cases of violation were found with a combined value of nearly VND10 billion, accounting for 0.0033 %. Also in this 6-month period, no quarantine violation was recorded. This fact shows that specialized inspection still needs to be reformed and simplified, especially in quarantine.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum