Support for Community-based Care for the Elderly in Vietnam

8:36:55 AM | 10/5/2021

The World Bank (WB) and its partners recently launched a project aiming to reduce economic and health vulnerability of older persons in Vietnam, under a US$2.75-million grant, funded by the Government of Japan through the Japan Social Development Fund, administered by the World Bank.

Implemented by HelpAge International, a global network for the rights of the elderly in Vietnam, in collaboration with Provincial Associations of the Elderly in Vietnam, the project will support the scale up of a community-based model for elderly care that promotes economically productive, healthy, and active ageing. It is estimated that 27,000 people in six provinces will benefit from the project’s interventions, 70% of them are elderly.

A core activity of the project is to expand the Intergenerational Self-Help Club network through building at least 180 new clubs. This model, first implemented in Vietnam in 2006 and whose effectiveness has been recognized by the government and included in national policies, adopts a holistic approach to meet the multiple needs of older persons. Through a network of volunteers, it also offers homecare services to those who are largely housebound, including social care, personal care and related care.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum