Raising OCOP Product Value from Digital Transformation

8:38:05 AM | 9/24/2021

The One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program for the 2021-2025 period introduces many solutions to foster digital transformation, intellectual property, innovation and product value improvement.

Impressive figures

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tien, Head of the Central Coordination Office for New Rural Development, said the OCOP Program develops the rural economy by unlocking internal resources to make special agricultural products, trade and services in rural areas and combine local cultural identity and tradition in each locality along the value chain.

Currently, 63 provinces and cities have already developed their OCOP plans, while 60 of them have assessed and classified OCOP products. More than 6,000 OCOP products across the country are assigned 3-star or higher class (1.86 times over the target). Impressive figures are showing that the ripple effect of a national program is strongly impacting rural socioeconomic development. More than 145 OCOP products are effectively made from local inputs and assigned with clear geographical indications such as Shan Tuyet Hoang Su Phi tea (Ha Giang), Tan Cuong tea (Thai Nguyen), coffee (Son La), rice (Soc Trang and An Giang). As many as 393 OCOP value chains are working effectively with the active role of cooperatives and businesses.

Along with the OCOP Program, in 2018-2020, the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) under the Ministry of Science and Technology supported farmers to manage and develop intellectual property for local specialties in the form of geographical indications, brand certification and collective brands; protect their intellectual property rights and enhance the value of agricultural products assigned with geographical indications. The National Office of Intellectual Property granted 517 applications for collective brands, product certification and geographical indications relating to agricultural and rural industries, of which 337 are collective brands, 165 certified brands and 15 geographical indications of OCOP products.

Lifting OCOP products

Carrying out the National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with a vision to 2030, under the Prime Minister's Decision 749/QD-TTg dated June 3, 2020 in such fields as science and technology; information and communications; culture; sports and tourism; agriculture and rural development, localities formed, built and developed many locally distinctive OCOP products while promoting digital transformation. Aligning OCOP products with tourism development and digital transformation in a bid to raise the effect of OCOP products and enable people to access products in various forms to narrow the digital gap between rural and urban areas.

They will strengthen system capabilities to support the OCOP Program implementation by building OCOP product development and startup centers and startup promotion programs to introduce and commercialize OCOP products across the country; to attract stakeholders and connect tourism; develop criteria and organize capacity building and manage a professional, experienced capable OCOP consultant network to facilitate the program execution across the country; and enhance the capacity of OCOP education and training system for workers to make OCOP products.

Mr. Pham Cong Tac, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, emphasized, Digital Transformation - Intellectual Property - Tourism - OCOP" will promote the robust development of locally strong products by applying new scientific and technological advances, leveraging intellectual property and digital transformation in agricultural production and tourism development. This will create opportunities amid the Covid-19 epidemic. Last but not least, the agricultural sector needs to accelerate innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises and generate opportunities to bring innovations into life.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum