Hanwha Life Vietnam Donates 724 millions VND to Serious Cases Affected by COVID-19

9:24:10 AM | 11/2/2021

Joining hands to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, Hanwha Life Vietnam has accompanied with the Vietnamese Fatherland Front in Binh Thanh District, Binh Chanh District and ChildFund Vietnam to give 2,215 gifts and 1,000 protective suits to epidemic prevention officers and people who are severely affected by the epidemic in the local areas.

This time, the total value of the company gifts reaches almost 724 million dong. Previously, Hanwha Life Vietnam also contributed 3 billion Vietnam dongs to COVID-19 prevention activities in Vietnam with the desire to bring the country back to normal soon. The company efforts are substantial sources of moral encouragement to the anti-epidemic team and households with infected relatives, families with pregnant women, young children, elderly parents and poor children

Mr. Dao Duy Ninh and Mr. Bui Quang Nam – representatives of Hanwha Life VietNam, presented 2,215 gifts and 1,000 protective gifts to the Fatherland Front Committees of Binh Thanh & Binh Chanh Districts.

Currently, Ho Chi Minh City has gone through the most serious phase and is striving for the new normal period, but the consequences left by the epidemic are quite significant. The epidemic has a great impact on both public health and economy of the city. With the vision to become the most trusted insurance company in Vietnam and the mission of providing customer-oriented services and solutions, Hanwha Life Vietnam commits to continuously contributing and carrying out more community activities to support the development of the local residents.

Mr. Im Dong Jun, General Director of Hanwha Life Vietnam said: “We want to contribute a valuable part to the journey of joining hands with the entire country to overcome the epidemic. Hanwha Life Vietnam understands the difficulties and losses that families which have infected members are facing. We hope that the company’s companionship and small sharing can motivate the Vietnamese community and we want everyone to know that they are not alone in this battle. Hanwha Life Vietnam is always by your side.”

Mr. Im Dong Jun also conveyed his deep sympathies to the difficult circumstances in the complicated epidemic situation and emphasized that the company’s activities aim to affirm Hanwha Life’s commitment in Vietnam on both front and side in two aspects: financial services and social responsibility.

Mr. Bui Quang Nam - representative of Hanwha Life VietNam and representative of the Fatherland Front Committees of Binh Thanh, giving relief gifts to families affected by the Covid epidemic.

Hanwha Life Vietnam is one of the life insurances companies in the market with many active activities in supporting the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic right from the beginning of the epidemic in Vietnam. In 2020, the company donated nearly 9,000 protective clothing to frontline medical staff in the fight against epidemics across the country. This meaningful and practical contribution of Hanwha Life Vietnam once again shows social responsibility and community commitment on the journey to bring human values in parallel with the company sustainable development.

During over 12 years of operation in Vietnam, Hanwha Life Vietnam has sponsored over 30 billion VND for many community projects. Hanwha Vietnam has awarded 53,570 health insurance cards to the poor, built over 160 houses of love, and 5 medical centers across the country. In addition, the company has built two schools, awarded many scholarships, bicycles and organized charity activities to help disadvantaged children in many localities. In the coming time, we will also have more meaningful CSR activities towards Education Development and Community Support in many provinces in Vietnam.

T.H (Vietnam Business Forum)