Vietrade and Joined Forces to Accelerate Vietnamese Food & Beverage Online Export

6:42:22 AM | 11/22/2021

The Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (Vietrade) and, a global business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform from Alibaba Group recently co-hosted the “It’s my time - Vietnam F&B online export summit” to launch the latest digital solutions for F&B companies to export their products worldwide with the participation of almost 10 thousand attendees from local small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Earlier this year, Vietrade and signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to deepen their partnership with the mutual goal of supporting Vietnamese firms to boost online export. Under the MoU, pledged to provide technical assistance for trade promotion organizations and Vietnamese SMEs in digital transformation.

Hoang Minh Chien, Deputy Director of Vietrade stated the importance of with the overall strategy of Vietrade to support SMEs. “In 2021, Vietrade and have deployed more than 20 training activities, improving cross-border e-commerce capacity for more than 2,000 Vietnamese enterprises. This is an activity to improve the businesses capacity, contributing to effectively promoting and implementing the plan of Vietrade to build a digital trade promotion ecosystem speeding up digital transformation for businesses. Vietnam is in the new normal period and is ahead of the international trade current. Digital transformation in general and e-commerce is no longer an option for businesses, but these are areas of which Vietnamese businesses should be aware and have a comprehensive implementation plan to enhance their competitiveness, especially when international trade patterns have been changing towards digitization.”

The rise of F&B export through e-commerce

Global trading of F&B is emerging, accounting for 9% of total global trading value. On, as B2B interaction has moved to digital due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for F&B products on the platform in 2021 has reportedly rocketed by 40% YOY, while supply is falling short with current proportion of F&B buyers to sellers at 15:1. This brings endless opportunities for Vietnamese F&B businesses to fill in the gap and reach global buyers, particularly the massive 30 million registered buyers currently on

Speaking at the summit, Stephen Kuo, the General Manager of Asia Pacific shared: “Exotic good brings novel experience and joy to people. Globalization is restructuring the world, the industries, the food and beverage business. People, not just customers but also supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, are sourcing food and beverages with excellent quality and lovely prices, and are seeking their supply all around the world. The country of origin, in particular, is the first thing that buyers consider most. Vietnamese F&B suppliers and products have a certain global popularity and influence on, and buyers all over the world especially like to look for Vietnamese suppliers. It is the time for SMEs to join and win in advanced.”

Top segments of Vietnam F&B and their respective top buyers

Seize the unprecedented opportunities with digital solutions is not only an e-commerce company, but also a company that helps others become e-commerce firms by reaching buyers from about 190 countries in the world. The US is currently the biggest buyer market of the whole platform and Vietnamese suppliers. Following, there are Brazil, Canada in America, Turkey and UK in the Europe. Taking advantage of the wide access to global market, also deployed a buyer expansion strategy, which is focusing on 17 most potential and qualified countries, like US, UK, Canada, Japan, etc. In the first quarter of this year, the platform’s buyer increased by 69%, and paid buyers increased by 147%.

Committed to support Vietnamese SMEs to participate in the global supply chain and leverage advanced technologies and solutions, offers whole year 24:7 online exhibition; a batch of opportunities to meet new buyers; an academy to build up a more professional foreign trade team; and a place where SMEs can enjoy various promotion scenarios.

Vietnamese food and beverage SMEs are offered new services in the form of upgraded VAS service, local service team training, regular industry report, together with a range of exclusive discounts and bonus from to honor their commitment to Vietnam.  

Highlights from the summit

“It’s my time – Vietnam F&B online export summit” was also a platform for local SMEs to share their success stories under Covid with the hope of inspiring others to create their own breakthroughs via online export. Ms. Doan Tran Thuy Linh, founder of Green Diamond Product and Trade JSC - a coffee supplier, shared her journey: “Thanks to the online segment, we continue to exist and develop after Covid has almost stopped our coffee supply revenue. We learned to export online, products distributed by e-commerce websites are not limited in time and space. By learning through workshops, we’ve facilitated the company and opened up opportunities to promote online exports. Now, I have expanded the market not only in Asia but also in Europe.”

Understand the advantage and potential of Vietnam in manufacturing, will continue to work closely with Vietrade to launch new initiatives for Vietnamese SMEs in all export-driven industries, making it easy to do business everywhere. 

Nam Pham (Vietnam Business Forum)