Import, Export Value via Quang Ninh Customs Rises 31%

10:19:59 AM | 11/30/2021

Quang Ninh Customs served 1,211 importers and exporters in the year to November 15, an increase of 74 companies from the same period of 2020, with a combined value of US$11.21 billion, up 31% year on year.

Delivering legal support to local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Quang Ninh Customs actively carried out many activities like organizing three customs - business consultation conferences for 177 importers, exporters, shipping lines such as Maersk Lines, Cu Lines and SITC, operators of warehouses, yards and ports; and government officials.

At these events, Quang Ninh Customs received recommendations from importers, exporters, shipping lines and operators of warehouses, yards and locations.

Based on opinions and suggestions from business representatives, Quang Ninh Customs proposed Quang Ninh province set up a working group to review, assess and collect more information on issues of concern to introduce support solutions for importers and exporters in the area it serves.

In addition, a lot of support for SMEs has been delivered by Quang Ninh Customs, including five customs-business dialogues where 72 matters expressed by businesses were answered in situ, 18 questions were answered after the events, and five were sent to higher competent authorities.

By Le Hien, Vietnam Business Forum