Maintaining "Green Zone" for Production and Business Activities

11:23:09 AM | 12/3/2021

Vinh Phuc is always in the top provinces attracting most FDI in Vietnam, so the province identifies industry as the main pillar of the economy. With many flexible solutions to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, Vinh Phuc has been maintaining the "green zone" for the stable production of enterprises.

In the first 10 months of 2021, Vinh Phuc's industrial production index still increased by 10.68% over the same period last year thanks to the contribution of a number of important industries including the electrical components manufacturing industry increasing by 24.88%; the metal production increasing by 16.08%; the apparel manufacturing industry increasing by 12.14%; production of rubber and plastic products increasing by 26.41%; the leather industry and related products increasing by 21.88%. The employment index in industrial enterprises in the area in October increased by 1.23% compared to the previous month. Accumulated to the end of October, the labor utilization index increased by 2.76% over the same period in 2020.

As of October 15, 2021, Vinh Phuc had 946 newly registered businesses with a total registered capital of VND10,280 billion, down 6.98% in the number of businesses, but up 46.14% in registered capital compared to the same period last year. The number of enterprises returning to the market showed a positive trend with 311 enterprises, an increase of 21.47% over the same period last year, bringing the total number of newly-established enterprises and businesses returning to operation in the first 10 months of 2021 to 1,257 enterprises (125 new businesses were established and returned to operation every month on average). Mr. Le Duy Thanh, Chairman of Vinh Phuc Provincial People's Committee, said that these were very impressive numbers showing the management capacity of the provincial government as well as flexible and timely solutions to support businesses, protecting a "green zone" for factories and enterprises in the province.

Vinh Phuc has promulgated many mechanisms and policies, organized many dialogue conferences to remove difficulties and obstacles for businesses. Provincial leaders have regularly inspected, directed and encouraged businesses to strictly abide by the pandemic prevention and control regulations of the Central and the local governments. At the 2nd session, the 17th Provincial People's Council approved Resolution 31 on implementing a number of measures to achieve the goal of maintaining and keeping Vinh Phuc province as a "safe green zone in Covid-19". The Provincial People’s Committee promulgated Plan No. 215 on the implementation of the "green zone" in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic and socio-economic development in the province, with one of the important tasks set out in the plan which is to make Vinh Phuc a safe area in the pandemic, fight the pandemic well while maintaining stable production and business activities; striving for 100% of businesses inside and outside industrial parks and industrial clusters to be "green areas" to create a safety protection belt, unbroken production chain, securing employees' jobs and incomes. For the last two years, the province has applied many methods including measuring body temperature, wearing masks, using antiseptic water, dividing meal times, dining tables with partitions, each business actively built medicine cabinets, purchased quick test kits, arranged medical rooms, isolation rooms, ensured that workers were fully vaccinated and randomly screened 3-5% of workers per week.

According to Vinh Phuc Department of Planning and Investment, it will firmly deal with businesses that are negligent in pandemic prevention through unexpected inspection teams at enterprises. It will encourage the cooperation of the business community and the provincial government to attempt to overcome difficulties, steadfastly realize the dual goal of fighting the pandemic and maintaining stable production and business activities. It will continue to well promote the role of the Covid-19 Safety Team, raise awareness of pandemic prevention right from inside the factory; take the initiative in building medicine cabinets and temporary medical isolation rooms; continue to strictly comply with the regulations on pandemic prevention and control of the Central and the provincial authorities; overcome some shortcomings in the arrangement of separate bedrooms for drivers; record information on Covid-19 test sheets for service providers and customers; implement full medical declaration via software. Enterprises will encourage their employees to well implement the motto "one road, 2 destinations" and proactively prevent the risk of infection from outside.

By Hien Nam, Vietnam Business Forum