Developing Industrial Parks in Association with Environmental Protection

11:02:32 AM | 12/20/2021

The formation and operation of industrial parks (IPs) in Vinh Phuc province play an important role in promoting industrialization - modernization, contributing to increasing budget revenue, and creating more than 100,000 jobs. However, the rapid development of IPs has had a significant impact on the environment, requiring the IPs to build a standard wastewater treatment system and to comply with regulations of the law on environmental protection.

With the viewpoint of "Not compromising the environment for economic benefits" of Vinh Phuc province, right since the beginning of the establishment of IPs, Vinh Phuc has determined that the development of IPs must go hand in hand with environmental protection, in order to create a sustainable investment environment in IPs. In recent years, in addition to promoting investment attraction and developing modern and synchronous infrastructure of IPs, the Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authority has paid special attention to environmental protection in IPs.

Currently, Vinh Phuc has 14 IPs that have been approved on investment policy/granted investment registration and establishment certificates with a total planning area of 2,773.948 ha, of which nine IPs have been put into operation. The IPs come into operation with full technical infrastructure for environmental protection, including rainwater drainage system, centralized wastewater treatment system (wastewater collection system, centralized wastewater treatment plant, wastewater drainage system), solid waste storage area, automatic wastewater monitoring system and other environmental protection technical infrastructure works.

Mr. Vu Kim Thanh, Deputy Director of Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authority, said: "In addition to urging and supervising investors building and operating IP infrastructure to invest, fully complete technical infrastructure for environmental protection, planting trees in IPs; over the past time, we have always paid attention and actively propagated and popularized the law on environmental protection, in order to raise awareness about environmental protection for businesses and investors of IP infrastructure. In addition, we regularly urge, inspect and closely supervise enterprises in environmental protection, prevention and response to environmental incidents in IPs, and promptly propose strictly handling violations of the law in the field of environmental protection in IPs. In general, investors and businesses in IPs strictly abide by the regulations on environmental law, basically, there are no enterprises that seriously violate environmental protection.”

In the coming time, in addition to the task of promoting investment attraction and development of IPs, to ensure a sustainable development environment in IPs, Vinh Phuc will focus on promoting propaganda, dissemination and education of legislation, raising awareness and attitudes of environmental protection for businesses and IP infrastructure developers; at the same time, giving priority to attracting high-tech, modern projects that do not pollute the environment; resolutely refusing to receive and grant investment permits for outdated technology projects with a high risk of environmental pollution.

By Vietnam Business Forum