Generali Supports 500 Orphans Impacted by Covid-19 Via Volunteering and Fundraising Activities before 2022 Lunar New Year

2:54:32 PM | 1/24/2022

Generali Vietnam Life Insurance LLC (Generali Vietnam”)  successfully organized the “Ngày Mai Cho Em” (Tomorrow For Our Children) program comprising a wide range of fundraising activities to deliver 500 sets of Tet gifts and cash support to 500 underprivileged children orphaned by Covid-19 in areas severely impacted by the pandemic including Long An, An Giang and Ho Chi Minh City.

At the doorstep of the Year of the Tiger, Generali Vietnam and the National Fund for Vietnamese Children (NFVC) joined hands to organize the “Ngày Mai Cho Em” program to provide support and motivate underprivileged children who unfortunately became orphans due to Covid-19, so they can enjoy a warm and love-filled Lunar New Year. Volunteers from Generali Vietnam and the NFVC quickly organized outreach charity trips to visit and deliver gifts to the 500 underprivileged and orphaned children in various locations of Long An, An Giang and Ho Chi Minh City during the last few weeks of the Lunar year.

Funding for the program came from the company’s direct contribution as well as the donation of hundreds of Generali Vietnam’s staff and agents via a wide range of creative and engaging fundraising activities: auctioning, donating cash, fundraising food stalls sponsored and served by the company’s executive management team, etc. Generali’s dedicated volunteers also handwrote and enclosed 500 personal messages in the lucky money packets to send Tet wishes and lots of love and encouragement to the children.

Ms. Tina Nguyen,  Generali Vietnam  CEO, shared: “I am deeply touched when our tradition of Lunar New Year giving back is always wholeheartedly supported by Generali’s staff and agents. The “Ngày Mai Cho Em” campaign this year is especially meaningful as it aims to share and ease the pain of loss with underprivileged children who were severely impacted by the pandemic. We hope that our gifts and sincere acts of kindness will be a source of encouragement, motivating our children to live a healthy, happy and optimistic life.”

Participating in the outreach trips to the Southwestern provinces, Ms. Le Tuyet Mai, Deputy Director of the NFVC, shared: “Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in the pandemic. Therefore, we greatly appreciate the efforts to protect and support children from our partners and businesses, including Generali Vietnam. Generali has always been dedicated, innovative, and very quick in implementing their community programs to provide timely and practical support to the beneficiaries, such as the “Ngày Mai Cho Em” campaign which has been successfully rolled out right at the doorstep of the Year of the Tiger.”

In 2021, Generali pledged VND 16 billion support for the community’s Covid-19 emergency responses, stepped up the digitalization of its flagship community education program “Sinh Con, Sinh Cha”, implemented a wide range of online and offline fundraising activities during the pandemic outbreaks and lockdown periods. Generali has recently pledged over EUR 1 million to fund the “Integrated Early Childhood Development Holistic Parenting” Scale-Up project jointly organized by Unicef, MOLISA, The Human Safety Net, Generali Vietnam and VCCI.

Generali Vietnam has recently received the organizational and individual commendations from the MOLISA Minister in recognition of outstanding contributions to the community’s Covid-19 emergency responses as well as Vietnamese children’s well-being and protection in 2021. Prior to that, Generali was also awarded the “Saigon Times CSR 2021” certification.

T.H (Vietnam Business Forum)