Luong Tai District: Effectively Preventing COVID-19, Boosting Economic Development

8:12:33 AM | 4/6/2022

The year 2021 elapsed amid difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the context of complicated pandemic development, Luong Tai district of Bac Ninh province continued to realize the dual goal of effectively preventing the COVID-19 pandemic and restoring manufacturing, business and socioeconomic development.

In 2021, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, under the close leadership of local authorities and the support of the people, Luong Tai district achieved remarkable socioeconomic development results. The economic growth was estimated at 6%, an increase of 1.2% over 2020; and per capita income was VND53.6 million, up 8.5% year on year. Its agricultural production value grew by 12.7%; industrial production value climbed 12.2%; State budget revenue was VND176.5 billion and the poverty ratio decreased to 1.64%.

The district intensified urban and infrastructure construction management; ensured environmental sanitation; and created a fresher and better living environment. The locality effectively contained the COVID-19 pandemic and guaranteed political security, social order and safety in 2021.

In the coming time, the district will continue to strengthen the clean and strong political system; improve the leadership capacity and develop the Party and the quality of Party members. It will strictly observe regulations on the responsibility of Party members, especially qualified, capable and prestigious agency leaders to perform their tasks well to meet the requirements of the new period. The district will actively carry out the Project on industry ad handicraft development in 2020-2025; build infrastructure for Lam Binh Industrial Complex and establish Quang Bo Handicraft Industrial Complex. In addition, Luong Tai will continue agricultural restructuring comprehensively and effectively to form many concentrated agricultural production areas and apply advanced technology to increase added value and improve sustainable development; build new rural residential area models, new rural commune models and one commune one product (OCOP) program. The district will focus on site clearance of Kenh Vang Bridge Project, making Luong Tai the southern trade gateway of Bac Ninh province.

The district will implement some key tasks and solutions in 2022 - the second year of executing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and resolutions of all-level Party congresses. The district will uphold solidarity and creativity, promote the role and responsibility of leaders, strive to successfully achieve development goals and improve living standards. The district will continue to carry out action programs and effectively enforce Party resolutions and conclusions based on the local context; regularly review and update plans and scenarios for pandemic prevention and control. The district will improve the working capacity of pandemic prevention bodies at all levels; foster information and communication on pandemic prevention and control measures; step up administrative reform, increase investment and upgrade business climate, business support and worker support; accelerate economic restructuring and form technologically driven supply value chains to create driving forces for economic development.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum