NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam Cooperates with Leading Enterprises in the Industry to Promote Zero-energy Solutions in Architecture

7:23:02 PM | 4/4/2022

NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam (Lysaght) has recently signed strategic cooperation agreements with GSB Steel Structure Joint Stock Company (GSB) – a steel structure solutions company with over 10 years of experience – and GreenViet– one of the first green building consultants in Vietnam. Accordingly, Lysaght, as a leading provider of superior steel solutions for industrial and civil works, will utilize GSB’s strengths and GreenViet’s expertise, in order to develop end-to-end zero-energy solutions from design, consulting to construction.

NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam and GreenViet have experience and knowledge about green building to provide an end-to-end green building solution that is in line with the demands of investors

Countries around the world, including Vietnam, are facing the impacts of environmental pollution and climate change, as well as the depletion of natural resources. Therefore, zero-energy buildings have become a popular architectural trend to cut carbon emissions, reduce energy consumption, tackle climate change and develop sustainably, especially in developing countries with rapid population growth like Vietnam.

Zero-energy is defined as no energy consumption. A zero-energy project indicates that it consumes zero fossil fuel energy and emits zero carbon into the environment. These projects consume energy effectively and generate enough energy on-site to equalize their annual energy consumption needs.

“As an industry pioneer in steel solutions, we have been developing and applying the trend of zero-energy for construction in Vietnam. Under our goal of providing customers with end-to-end, energy-balanced architectural solutions, we seek and cooperate with leading domestic enterprises that are capable of complying with the requirements of zero-energy buildings. We hope that this cooperation will not only contribute to promoting the domestic zero-energy architecture trend, but also bring substantial benefits to our investors, such as cost savings, renewable energy, and shortened construction time,” said Mr. Truong Hoang Thanh, President at NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam.

Established in 2011, GSB is currently operating a steel structure factory with an area of over 2 hectares and an estimated output of more than 700 tons per month. The company has modern machinery lines and a team of leading experts in the field of steel structures. This cooperation agreement also comprises supporting and enhancing each other's professional competencies through field trips, visiting new architectural trends, and typical works in the industry.

“According to the EU's Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP), innovation in building material technology can reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by production and disposal of building materials by 80%. For industrial projects, steel structures account for a large proportion in the composition of building materials and are an important factor affecting the "greenness" of the building. The partnership is a testament to our capacity to manufacture steel structures that satisfy the demanding requirements of zero-energy projects. This is also in compliance with our long-term goal of supplying not only the domestic but also the regional market with high-quality steel structures,” said Mr. Nguyen Tan Loc, Chairman of the Board of Directors, GSB.

The purpose of the cooperation agreement between NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam and GSB is to provide customers with steel product solutions for zero-energy industrial plants

Meanwhile, GreenViet is an experienced expert in consulting on over 150 green projects in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, and the company also undertakes more than 50% of the green projects in the country. GreenViet has the ability to cover all aspects of integrated design for projects applying for Green Building assessments such as LEED, LOTUS, BCA GreenMark, Edge, WELL, and Fitwel.

“We have experience working on green building projects since 2012, when the first projects based on LEED assessment standards were designed and constructed in Vietnam. Since then, we have followed a firm orientation towards becoming a leading Green Building Consulting Company in Vietnam and the only LEED Proven Provider in Southeast Asia approved by the U.S. Green Building Council. The partnership with NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam helps us get closer to this goal as both companies have experience and knowledge about green building to provide an end-to-end green building solution that is in line with the demands of investors,” said Mr. Do Huu Nhat Quang, Co-founder of GreenViet.

Some of Lysaght's energy balance projects include the Lysaght factory in Bien Hoa, the GSB factory, and green projects such as the Jotun Vietnam factory in Nha Be, the SLP Hai Phong factory, and the Danapha factory in Da Nang. The cooperation between Lysaght, GSB, and GreenViet will be the foundation to expand the portfolio of zero-energy buildings in Vietnam, helping the country’s architecture industry approach global zero-energy trends.

D.A (Vietnam Business Forum)