Nespresso celebrates official opening of its new Boutique at Saigon Centre

11:41:50 AM | 4/14/2022

Nespresso, the worldwide pioneer and reference of premium portioned coffee, just celebrated the official opening of its new Boutique at Saigon Centre, a high-end luxury mall to bring the ultimate coffee experience to Vietnamese coffee lovers. 

From left to right: Mr Cedric Guillet – Business Director of Annam, Mr Jean Marc Merlin – Chairman of Annam, Mr. Binu Jacob – Market Head of Nestle Vietnam, Mr Nguyen Duy Anh – Retail Manager of Annam

Situated in the main atrium of Saigon Centre, guests were immersed in a complete sensorial experience as they explored the various interactive areas at the event, which featured a Nespresso coffee bar for guests to indulge in the wide range of Nespresso coffees.

The event showcased a sustainability wall telling the Nespresso story and demonstrating the brand’s commitment to creating a positive impact. From cherry to cup, sustainability is built into every step of the company’s approach in producing some of the finest coffee that preserves the best of our world.

The celebrations reached a peak as esteemed guests of honour gathered for the ribbon cutting ceremony, symbolising a proud milestone in bringing an elevated coffee experience to Vietnamese coffee lovers.

Open up to the new Nespresso universe

The Boutique’s interior and design bring to life the commitment of Nespresso to sustainability, artistry, and social responsibility. From the coffee-inspired palette of rich brown and crema-inspired gold to the finer details such as the use of floor tiles and lamps that echo what are found in coffee farms – everything inside upholds the brand essence of Nespresso.

Art of Coffee Savoir-Faire

From tasting rituals to in-depth knowledge about the roasting and grinding of coffee beans, Nespresso will enable customer discovery of coffee aromas and different taste characters.

Experience the Atelier table where a Coffee Specialist takes you through an entire experience of coffee appreciation, adding to the Boutique’s creative and immersive setting. These tabletops are made from used coffee grounds and 100% sourced wood from reforestation programs. In this area, customers get to learn more about Nespresso’s careful coffee selection and are introduced to various flavour profiles to help them better unlock their taste preferences.

Moreover, the new Boutique boasts a window-to-farm virtual view of coffee farms, paying homage to Nespresso’s partner farming communities. You will also find the Greenery Wall, a visual representation of local coffee plantations.

A second life to both aluminium and coffee grounds

The Recycling Corner is a mainstay in all Nespresso Boutiques, where customers can return their used capsules. The worldwide pioneer in premium portioned coffee remains committed to the principle that high quality coffee can only be fully enjoyed if it is produced in a way which places sustainability at its heart. Today, Nespresso Club Members can drop off their used capsules at the Vietnam Boutiques of Saigon Centre Boutique, Annam Gourmet Estella Boutique, Annam Gourmet Phu My Hung Boutique, Annam Gourmet Landmark 81 Boutique, Annam Gourmet Thao Dien Boutique, and Annam Gourmet Syrena Ha Noi.

All Nespresso capsules are made using aluminium, which is infinitely recyclable. Once separated from the aluminium casings, the used coffee grounds are sent to local farms to be used as compost, while the aluminium is sent to a partnering smelter for upcycling into everyday objects.

Giang Tu (Vietnam Business Forum)