Ranee Kids - Love Comes from Your Choice

9:41:02 AM | 4/19/2022

Weaning is considered the first "maturity milestone" of your baby as it starts the gradual transition from breastfeeding to eating more foods, both in nutrients and types. Today, given the strong development of the children's goods market, Ranee Kids, cooking oil for kids, is researched on their core nutritional needs and addresses parents' concerns about their children. This is a source of healthy fats extracted from salmon that act as solvents to dissolve essential vitamins, scientifically proven to be the "shortest" way to optimally absorb nutrients for the child's body.

Ranee Kids keeps children excited and appetized in every meal

Malnutrition status

Malnutrition in general and micronutrient deficiency in particular seriously affect the physical and intellectual development and even the future of children. Malnutrition is quite common among children aged 6 - 24 months when they are susceptible to diseases and need a reasonable diet.

According to many experts, sufficient nutrition of all substances for young children will be a stepping stone for a good immune system and effective prevention of non-communicable diseases. However, according to national research results, one in every four children is stunted, varied by location, with some provinces reported to have a very high physical malnutrition rate of 35%.

This is a fairly common diet-related health problem that is resulted from inadequate nutrients or can occur when the body faces difficulty in absorbing nutrients from food. Many parents do not have enough knowledge to nurture and take care of their young children and they often completely remove fats from their children's diets, with a biased misconception that fats are bad for health. Fats generate tissues, especially nervous tissues present in cell membranes and inner cell membranes such as nucleus and mitochondria, producing bile salts for digestion. Therefore, these substances are vital to maintaining the living activity and intellectual growth of young children.

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Ranee kids - Good brain for discovery, bright eyes for distant vision

Maria Montessori, an Italian psychologist and educator, once said, “The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six.”  Therefore, taking care of young children is an investment in their future destiny, so this is always of the top concern of parents. To do that, parents who begin to practice weaning their babies need to add appropriate cooking oils with care and attention to provide sufficient nutrients to create a solid basis for “strong immunity and good appetite of children”.

Understanding parental thoughts, Ranee Kids is made from strictly controlled expensive South American salmon, powered by European technologies to optimize food safety and hygiene and quality uniformity before being delivered to young children.

Salmon is a great source of healthy fats

Specially, Ranee Kids ingredients, featured with DHA, EPA, and Omega 3 - 6 - 9, are completely natural and suitable for young children. These golden nutrients are extremely helpful for children's immature digestive system, very important for total brain growth, helping enhance their thinking and learning ability right from the early life stage. In addition, enough Vitamin E and A contents will help children fully absorb nutrients and nourish healthy bright eyes, strengthen the immune system and increase resistance. The nice-looking colors and delicious flavors of Ranee Kids gradually become a great way to support children’s weaning, stimulate their senses to enjoy happy mealtime, end anorexia and enhance appetite.

Therefore, when cooking for your baby, you should supplement necessary fats from weaning oil, maybe adding a teaspoon of cooking oil, to their diets before being served. At that time, the unsaturated fat in the cooking oil will not be altered much and will stimulate the baby’s absorption. You can start with a little amount first and before adding more. You can use 5-10ml of oil for a bowl of porridge.

Ranee Kids nutritional cooking oil is wrapped with high-class shrink film for optimal preservation. The top of the bottle cap is embossed with gold-plated aluminum film with clearly embossed Ranee - an anticounterfeiting sign. The packaging is printed with a QR code to help consumers trace product origin and production time in an accurate and rapid manner. The product uses a dark glass bottle to shield against light and optimally protect the nutrients stored inside.

Investment and care for the smallest things add wings to children's future

Now, mothers can rest assured in Ranee Kids, which contains all nutrients taken from fish, safe and healthy for children. The Ranee Kids brand sends the message of "love comes from your choice” because parents are the greatest investors and children are the biggest projects of their life that may take all their time and effort to cultivate and cherish.

By Lan Anh, Vietnam Business Forum