VINARUCO Actively, Flexibly Supporting Investors to Realize Dual Goals

10:34:50 AM | 5/5/2022

According to the Hai Duong Industrial Zones’ Authority, the infrastructure developer of Cong Hoa Industrial Zone has actively coordinated with relevant agencies and local authorities to gradually remove difficulties and speed up technical infrastructure, and actively and flexibly support tenants to realize the dual goals of developing business activities and containing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since 2018, Vietnam Rubber Industrial Zone and Urban Development Joint Stock Company (VINARUCO) has persistently carried out the following works: Completing legal procedures to invest heavily for ground leveling; completing traffic routes and technical infrastructure works; relocating 110KV, 35KV and 22KV power lines out of the industrial zone; placing underground the power line system in the industrial zone; and completing the wastewater treatment system with a daily capacity of 2,000 cubic meters. Currently, the infrastructure system of Hoa Industrial Zone has fully met the requirements of all tenants. Through the survey, all tenants said that Cong Hoa Industrial Zone has good infrastructure, and convenient traffic connection and offers a reasonable investment attraction policy to woo secondary investors.

The first phase of Cong Hoa Industrial Zone, covering ​​201 ha, was granted a land certificate under the Land Law. Currently, it is housing seven tenants, including six foreigners. In 2021, despite being severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many positive solutions, Vietnam Rubber Industrial Zone and Urban Development Joint Stock Company supported tenants to overcome difficulties to increase their investment and business performance.

Cong Hoa Industrial Zone lies in the heart of the northern key economic center and serves as a gateway to the Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh Economic Triangle. This area has convenient traffic and trade with neighboring provinces, cities, economic areas and traffic hubs. It is convenient to reach Noi Bai Airport, Cai Lan Port, Van Don Airport and Mong Cai Border Gate from National Highway 18. The industrial zone targets businesses in such fields as electronics, ICT, telecom, electrical equipment, automobile and motorcycle assembling, mechanical engineering, machine manufacturing, rubber and plastic manufacturing, textile and garment, packaging production, wood processing, ceramic production, porcelain, construction materials, food and beverage production, agricultural processing, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, and nanotechnology.

In 2022, to actively attract investors to fill the remaining area of ​​the first phase, as the COVID-19 pandemic has been controlled, Vietnam Rubber Industrial Zone and Urban Development Joint Stock Company has fully prepared an available land fund in Cong Hoa Industrial Zone for new investors. Optimistically, dozens of investors have come to study and discuss land leases for their projects since the start of this year. In the context of the country's economic recovery, Cong Hoa Industrial Zone is becoming an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors.

“In 2022, we have carried out many active measures, solutions, and mechanisms to coordinate with and support tenants to both effectively contain the COVID-19 pandemic and promote business investment with the motto ‘Creating the most favorable conditions for customers is a driving force for the company's development,’" said Mr. Pham Trung Thai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Rubber Industrial Zone and Urban Development Joint Stock Company. Currently, the firm is actively completing the second-phase expansion procedures to submit to competent authorities, aiming to enlarge Cong Hoa Industrial Park by 200 ha and plan a 150-ha ecological smart residence for the industrial park.

The second-phase expansion will be developed in the form of an industrial-urban-service complex, toward a perfect industrial park ecosystem consisting of accommodation for workers and experts, cultural and sports facilities, kindergartens and clinics to support and serve workers to have a better life. With its consistent solutions plus the support of local authorities, the second phase of Cong Hoa Industrial Zone will certainly be a bright spot in local socioeconomic development.

Vietnam Rubber Industrial Zone and Urban Development Joint Stock Company is striving to build a "common roof" for businesses to develop sustainably in Cong Hoa Industrial Zone.

By Vietnam Business Forum