All Basic Customs Procedures Are Automated

9:27:00 AM | 7/12/2022

The General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDC) has accelerated information technology application to customs procedures and import-export activities as a whole to better support people and enterprises in the customs paperwork.

One of the outstanding applications is completely electronic customs declaration procedures (E-Declaration).

GDC's workload has increased quickly with the average import-export value up by 23% annually and the average amount of import-export duties collected each year up by 9.2%. The average number of import and export declarations jumped 22% a year.

Meanwhile, the number of customs officers declined according to Resolution 39-NQ/TW of the Politburo, averaging 1.5-1.7% annually in the past five years. But thanks to IT applications, customs procedures are carried out smoothly, continuously and swiftly by enterprises. IT has become an important tool for the General Department of Vietnam Customs to successfully complete its assigned tasks

Up to now, 100% of basic customs procedures have been automated and 100% of customs agencies have applied electronic customs procedures, with 99.65% of enterprises using them.

As a result, declaration, receipt, information processing and decision-making of customs clearance are conducted with a very high degree of automation. It takes just 1-3 seconds for processing a set of customs procedures.

By Le Hien, Vietnam Business Forum