IDTT Joint Stock Company Gradually Realizing Dreams of Smart Architectural Complexes

9:14:47 AM | 7/26/2022

After nearly five years of operation (May 2018), IDTT has always striven to contribute to the province’s development; gradually created a unified architectural complex in harmony with surrounding landscapes and offered an ideal, high-quality living space for residents. “We are committed to building projects quickly and with high quality and contributing to the socio-economic development of the province and the country as a whole,” said Mr. Vu Hoang Liem, Deputy General Director of IDTT.

Remarkable success

IDTT invests, builds and operates technical infrastructure projects in industrial parks and urban areas in Long An and southwestern provinces. With its current capacity, although it has been in operation for just 5 years, IDTT is already a favorite investor in many important projects. Typical projects include Thu Thua Industrial Park project (188.88 ha), Provincial Road 818 upgrading, Thu Thua Resettlement Area (6 ha); Garden Riverside (26.2 ha) and Garden Central Park (19.6 ha).

Besides industrial parks and resettlement areas, IDTT invested in Garden Riverside, a new urban area project in Thu Thua district, the western gateway of Ho Chi Minh City, a 30-minute drive from the city. This is also one of the remarkable projects in Long An province, which is expected to bring many conveniences to foreign investors and workers in local industrial parks. The project is a pioneer of ecological urban development trends, featuring utilities for work, study, entertainment, healthcare, trade and service. “Notably, in each construction design, IDTT focuses on building a nature-based living space. In this project, future residents will enjoy a privileged "living green" space featured with a vast green park, perfectly interconnected with internal and external utilities, adjacent to the administrative center and Thu Thua Industrial Park. Garden Riverside is helping IDTT gradually realize its dream of developing Thu Thua district into a new urban center of Long An province,” said Mr. Vu Hoang Liem.

Furthermore, with a diligent, experienced and dedicated workforce, IDTT has worked with provincial agencies to propose planning ideas for projects such as IDTT-My An Urban Service Industrial Park, General Plan for Thu Thua Northwest and riverside urban areas in Thu Thua district.

IDTT is also considered to be very active in social security in the province. Specifically, the company regularly presents Tet gifts to poor households and policy-beneficial families, and donates computers to poor students. The firm always responds to social charity movements in Long An province.

Truehearted commitments

Lying adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, Long An is considered a "connector" for two key economic regions: Southeast and Southwest. In Ho Chi Minh City’s strategy for economic restructuring toward service, finance and high technology, Long An is considered an expanse for relocated industrial plants. Currently, Long An has 36 industrial parks with an average occupancy rate of 80%. The formation and development of industrial parks has accelerated urbanization and population concentration and helped expand towns and build many new urban settlement areas.

Those objective advantages are expected to deliver positive values ​to IDTT to confidently move toward the common goal. Moreover, IDTT is fortunate enough to get valuable care and assistance from local leaders. Therefore, its projects are deployed smoothly as planned and scheduled. Nevertheless, according to Mr. Liem, IDTT has also faced numerous difficulties and obstacles, especially in land clearance. In this regard, the company expects all levels and branches of government to take more drastic and effective measures to mobilize and hand over the ground for IDTT to carry out its projects on schedule. This will be a great motivation for IDTT to confidently write down its path of development, job creation and investment attraction in Thu Thua district in particular and Long An in general so as to gradually develop Long An province into one of the major industrial and urban centers of the country.

By Hoang Lam, Vietnam Business Forum