73% of Vietnamese Consumers Adopt Business Messaging to Approach Brands

5:22:10 PM | 8/1/2022

When online shopping through social messaging has become a new norm for Vietnamese customers during and after the pandemic, Business Messaging is increasingly becoming more omnipresent that no local business wants to miss out on the trend. According to a recent research by Meta, 73% of Vietnamese consumers surveyed adopt Business Messaging to reach out to brands. On the other hand, over 70% of businesses surveyed consider Business Messaging extremely crucial to their business.

Prior to the “The Future Of Messaging For Business Is Here” event on August 3, Meta has shared with businesses and brands research on consumer behaviors post pandemic, as well as applications of Business Messaging by businesses in diverse industries and the latest innovations and solutions on Meta platforms to help businesses achieve their business goals through Business Messaging (BM). You can now register to join the virtual event at: https://go.facebookinc.com/2022-Meta-FutureOfMessaging-Webinar-VN

According to research conducted by Meta and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 7 countries in Asia-Pacific region, there are 5 major findings about BM, including:

  1. Conversations between Businesses and Consumers never stop building after the pandemic.
  • Vietnam has the highest rate of BM adoption among the surveyed countries: 73% of Vietnamese consumers surveyed use BM to reach out to businesses
  • ~40% of Vietnamese Consumers mentioned they increased how often they chat with a Business
  • 1 in 3 Vietnamese Consumers surveyed chat with Businesses at least once a week
  • Similar trend seen across all age groups with Consumers messaging Businesses twice a week on average
  1. Business Messaging has transformed business and has multiple applications across industries.
  • More than 70% of Businesses surveyed cited Business Messaging as very extremely important to their business
  • Business Messaging is utilized extensively across industries (CPG/Retail/E- Commerce/FinServ)
  • FinServ also shows strong potential to utilize Business Messaging in Vietnam. 63% rated high/very high in importance to chat with businesses before sign up 
  1. Business Messaging adoption is gaining traction beyond small enterprises, as a new channel for large businesses as well.
  • 3 in 4 Large Businesses surveyed in Vietnam see Business Messaging as critical to their business model
  1. Business Messaging is essential to a future fit in online commerce and customer experience.
  • Messaging provides a variety of benefits beyond sales that help scale an online presence: Basic Enquiry, Lead Gen, 1:1 Consultation, Feedback, Remarketing, Signals Collection
  1. Meta Platforms hold an advantage within the messaging space: Meta’s Business Messaging value proposition lies within the Discovery to Consideration and Re- engagement in online experience
  • 47% of Consumers surveyed say they prefer Meta because they use it for everyday communication
  • When optimizing the "discovery" experience, most businesses prefer to use Meta's platform-based solutions
  • Vietnam has the highest level of third party tech solutions adoption amongst key countries in APAC

Besides, Meta also introduced three new features to help businesses improve business efficiency, namely E-wallet on Messenger, Recurring Notifications, and IG Direct. The online event is also an opportunity to connect businesses with Meta's ecosystem (from products to partners) to help companies to achieve their business goals through Business Messaging.

“With the rising popularity of Business Messaging, Meta wants to help businesses in Vietnam achieve their business goals through a diverse ecosystem and integrated solutions across platforms. Meta recommends that businesses should identify the purpose of using Business Messaging and include it in their marketing strategy. In addition, businesses should use third parties to deploy technical solutions related to Business Messaging to develop this business model most effectively, bringing high conversion rates and meaningful engagement”, shared Mr. Khoi Le, Country Director of Meta in Vietnam.

At the event, Meta will honor businesses, media partners, and technical partners (providing services including chatbots, automation, and sales management via conversation channels) for their success and dedication to Meta platforms over the past year through the Messaging For Business Award 2022.

H.N (Vietnam Business Forum)