Enhancing Urban and Construction Management Quality

9:19:18 AM | 8/9/2022

Carrying out Resolution 59-NQ/TW dated August 5, 2020 of the Politburo, the construction sector of Can Tho City is advising on many working solutions to mobilize and promote central support resources and local forces and State and non-State budget for development and effectively implementing planning and planning management, especially completing and implementing the Can Tho Development Master Plan to 2030, with a vision to 2050, to match with Mekong Delta planning and national planning. Thus, the sector aims to build and develop Can Tho into an ecological, civilized and modern city imbued with Mekong Delta identity.

Improving urban planning

In recent years, with the active participation of the construction sector, Can Tho City has basically completed the urban planning and construction planning: 100% urban master planning, 80% of urban zoning planning, and 100% of communal construction planning.

Mr. Le Quang Manh Secretary of the Can Tho City Party Committee chairs the conference on the City Plan for the period of 2021 - 2030

Supported and guided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Can Tho City can effectively deploy and implement construction planning and urban planning to timely meet the general development of the city; synchronize and unify planning and management at all levels and branches (general city planning, district planning, township planning and sectoral planning); carry out construction planning approved by competent authorities; and ensure compliance with legal regulations on formulation, appraisal and approval of construction planning. In general, the construction and urban planning of Can Tho City has been basically completed: 100% of urban general planning, 80% of urban subdivision planning 100% of commune construction planning to facilitate construction investment to ensure synchronization and harmony for the face of the city in general and each district in particular.

In addition to construction and urban planning, the city always pays attention to reviewing and assessing planning implementation and revising the planning. Every year, the Can Tho City People's Committee assigns the Department of Construction to conduct reviews and assessments in line with the Law on Urban Planning and the Law on Construction 2014 to propose amendments and timely and appropriate solutions for carrying out construction investment projects, promptly deal with difficulties and problems faced by localities and investors in urban management and project implementation. The city guides relevant agencies and localities to strictly comply with planning regulations.

Accordingly, the city's infrastructure has been developed synchronously to meet its rapid development needs and help it perfect the basic standards of a first-class centrally governed city. Residential projects, resettlement areas and commercial urban areas have been built with synchronous technical infrastructure (e.g. land for traffic, parking, electricity supply, water supply, water drainage and communications) and social infrastructure (land for schools, hospitals and green parks).

In recent years, governments of all levels and agencies are calling for investment capital for urban development projects in the city based on approved planning. Can Tho City People's Committee directs the Department of Planning and Investment to work with the Department of Construction, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and localities to support and introduce investment locations to investors that are interested in local projects. New urban area and housing development investment projects are carried out in line with the approved zoning planning, the local development situation and investors’ needs.

Improving urban management quality

In the coming period, to reform institutions in planning and investment advocated by the Party and the government, Can Tho City must prepare necessary and sufficient conditions to actively lead its development planning and capture domestic and foreign investment flows.

In construction planning, the construction sector will further focus on renewing consulting work. It sees reconsideration and review as key to promptly recognize social needs to supplement and adjust the construction planning. Only working planning projects are good. In particular, construction planning is aimed to unlock the way-in for all available investment sources, which are particularly important to socioeconomic development.

The sector will continue to perfect the local construction planning system; prepare and submit Can Tho City construction planning system; and compile and submit O Mon district zoning planning on a 1-to-5000 scale. Can Tho traffic planning is a specialized project of traffic technical infrastructure of the centrally governed city. Other construction planning projects are based on the city's master plan.

The construction sector together with related sectors such as land, investment and finance has worked closely together to improve planning quality and promptly reflect social needs. Among this work, the most important is making a plan for developing a framework infrastructure system and creating a land fund - a step ahead to ensure that construction investment achieves optimal outcomes in terms of capital and financial flows and legality.

The sector is also keen on upgrading the working capacity of public employees to better meet increasing social requirements, including people, investors and partners. In the near term, what is needed to be done in the first year of the 2021-2025 period is to coordinate with localities (Cai Rang district, Binh Thuy district, Thot Not district, Co Do district, Phong Dien district and other areas that can attract investment funds) to advise the city on investment attraction to match local development planning and urban planning approved in 2020.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum