Promoting Digital Transformation

9:23:57 AM | 8/9/2022

In 2022, Can Tho is determined to take strong actions on digital transformation on all three pillars: digital government, digital economy and digital society to bring practical benefits for socioeconomic development.

Mr. Huynh Hoang Men, Director of the Can Tho Department of Information and Communications

In 2021, Can Tho City was ranked 7th in digital transformation in the country by the Ministry of Information and Communications. In digital government development, the city's specialized data transmission network has been completed and deployed to 100% of communes, wards and townships. 100% of agencies and units have internal networks. Some agencies have deployed specialized database software such as individual business household registration management, notarization and certification management, and construction permit management.

In digital economy development, in 2021, Can Tho had 34 new digital businesses, bringing the total digital companies to 628. Their total revenue in the domestic market increased to VND4,785 billion and their export revenue amounted to VND418.2 billion.

In addition, telecommunications infrastructure has been invested to create many advantages for the digital transformation process. Internet subscribers reached more than 1.175 million, or 95 subscribers to 100 people. Fiber optic networks have reached households. Currently, several companies have piloted using telecommunications accounts to pay for goods and services of small value.

Mr. Huynh Hoang Men, Director of the Can Tho Department of Information and Communications, said, Can Tho City has strived to complete digital infrastructure and digital platforms by 2025, aiming for a digital government. By 2030, the city will expand smart city services, develop digital government, and improve the effectiveness and performance of state agencies at all levels. Particularly 100% of online public services of Level 4 are provided on various means of access; 100% of work records at the city level, 90% at the district level and 80% at the commune level are processed in the network environment.

In order to realize these goals, the Can Tho City People's Committee issued Official Letter 1170/UBND-KGVX on speeding up digital transformation in the city. In 2022, Can Tho is focusing on deploying digital transformation, with priority given to such areas as healthcare, education, transportation, agriculture, environmental resources and tourism to create a driving force for innovation and creativity, increase labor productivity and generate new growth engines.

Can Tho has its own digital transformation website (https://chuyendoiso., created to update, inform and raise awareness of people and businesses of digital transformation.

In the coming time, the Department of Information and Communications will continue to make more efforts to lead digital transformation and effectively implement all three pillars: Developing digital government, improving the performance and efficiency of governmental apparatus at all levels; developing the digital economy and improving the city's competitiveness; and developing digital society and narrowing the digital gap.

Special attention is paid to communications and training for officials and public employees on digital transformation, encouraging people to use online public services and digital transformation platforms, thus enhancing public awareness of administrative reform, digital government, digital transformation and smart city.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum