Completing Synchronous and Modern Traffic Infrastructure

10:53:51 AM | 9/6/2022

Knowing that traffic needs to “go one step ahead and pave the way” to boost socioeconomic development, Kien Giang province places a premium on investing in synchronous and modern transport infrastructure, strengthening local connections and forming regional connectivity to create momentum in investment attraction.

Transport infrastructure construction to meet development requirements

Transport infrastructure in Kien Giang province has remarkably developed in recent years to effectively serve local socioeconomic development and meet the needs of people, businesses and investors.

Currently, the transport and communication infrastructure system of Kien Giang province is comprised of five national highways with a total length of 346.92km, inland waterways with three ports (Tac Cau, Rach Gia and Ha Tien), 22 passenger berths on six waterway routes, and two airports in operation. Together with a public transport system with 157 routes, the volume of passenger and cargo transport increases annually by 7-8% on average.
The provincial transport infrastructure has been gradually improved to better link regions, unlock local potential advantages and meet the needs of people, businesses and investors. Can Tho - Ca Mau Expressway, with 17km running through the province, was started construction in 2022. The Kien Giang section of Ho Chi Minh Road was submitted to the National Assembly for approval. Lo Te - Rach Soi Highway was planned for completion before 2025. In addition, the Department of Transport is implementing seven key projects, including five under construction.

The department is seeking the fund for two projects: Upgrading and expanding Provincial Road 963 linking Kien Giang with Hau Giang and its branch linking Giong Rieng (Kien Giang) with Thoi Lai (Can Tho); and An Bien - An Minh coastal road (bordering Ca Mau province), which will be completed on the province’s section by 2025.

Mr. Le Viet Bac, Director of Kien Giang Department of Transport, said, to concretize three groundbreaking contents in the Resolution of the 11th Kien Giang Provincial Party Congress (2020-2025 term) and Program 09-/Ctr/TU dated April 15, 2021 of the Provincial Party Committee, the transport sector will continue to boost investment in local transport infrastructure development.

In the 2021-2025 period, Kien Giang province has carried out the project “Investing in socioeconomic infrastructure construction, especially traffic infrastructure in Kien Giang province” which cost nearly VND27,000 billion, including over VND11,000 billion from the central budget, over VND7,500 billion from the local budget, and over VND7,800 billion from other sources.

The province has focused on building important roads from the province to districts and from districts to communes, roads in economic zones and border roads, building ports, wharves and static traffic systems to meet socioeconomic development needs in the 2021-2025 period.

To attract investment capital, Decision 542/QD-UBND dated February 28, 2022 of the Provincial People's Committee on investment portfolios, the Department of Transport will annually coordinate with other departments and sectors to bring them to priority investment lists. Besides, the department has strengthened management capacity and facilitated domestic and foreign economic sectors to invest in transport infrastructure construction.

Efforts for higher competitiveness

According to Mr. Le Viet Bac, in recent years, Kien Giang has had relatively rapid growth and become one of bright spots in the Mekong Delta key economic region. Beside potential advantages and natural resources, reliable policies and open, friendly and transparent investment environment are important.

The markedly improved quality and effect of administrative procedure reforms in the transport sector in Kien Giang has contributed to drastic changes in the business environment. Administrative procedure reform is always a top priority for the Department of Transport in a bid to enhance public and business satisfaction. The Department regularly reviews and abolishes cumbersome and inappropriate administrative procedures, reduces settlement time, accelerates information technology application to settlement of administrative procedures. Currently, the department has fully and properly publicized 115 administrative procedures at its single-window divisions, including 105 procedures assigned Level 4. The department publicized four categories (processes, procedures, time and fee).

By Thanh Long
Source: Vietnam Business Forum