Thai Village A Classy Abalone and Fin Restaurant in Saigon

11:00:53 AM | 9/7/2022

Thai Village, a long-standing famous brand present in many parts of the world, is a luxurious and familiar stop for diners who love healthful dishes that help increase body resistance, such as abalone, shark’s fins or bird's nest.

The first Thai Village Restaurant, opened in 1991 in Singapore, brought a whole new flavor to shark’s fin soup and quickly became Singapore's best fin restaurant.

Up to now, Thai Village has been present in Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

Premium ingredients at Thai Village Restaurant chain are directly imported and carefully selected. Fins are licensed for catching and imported from Spanish waters, strictly controlled for age, and abalone directly imported from Australia and New Zealand. With expert skills of experienced chefs, dishes are delicately flavored.

Making shark’s fin soup is an extremely complicated process. Fins are soaked in warm water, defatted, cleaned, and simmered in a special broth. The fin dish usually takes at least 48 hours.

Premium soup at Thai Village clearly features smooth filaments, like a layer of soft, crispy cartilage. Accepted filaments are as small as hair and iridescent, the broth of the soup is golden and sweet, featured with chicken bone broth and specially formulated mushroom sauce that has made the name of Thai Village. Once dining here, diners will become loyal customers.

Fin cartilage has many connective tissues, collagen and calcium, good for supplementing body minerals, supporting kidney, liver and cardiovascular treatment. With the fin soup, elderly people will increase endurance for bones and joints. Regular use will also help reduce rheumatism and heal joints faster.

In addition, Thai Village is also famous for its whole abalone cooked with special sauce, baked crab with vermicelli in a cast iron pot or stir-fried sea cucumber with Lingzhi mushroom, and bird's nest tea favored by many diners.

Beside fine cuisine, the space at Thai Village is classy and luxurious but cozy, helping diners enjoy the full essence of upmarket cuisine.

Thai Village 
38 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1; Hotline:  0919 999 382 
Hanoi Branch: No. 3B Le Thai To, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Hotline: 02439381168
Fanpage:  Thai Village Restaurant - Vietnam

Every Saturday night, the restaurant has a music night program. Enjoying melodies of the sea played with violin and enjoying premium food with loved ones is a meaningful gift from Thai Village to diners.

With such great experiences, Thai Village will definitely always be the first choice of diners when entertaining partners or family and friends.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum