Haplast Group CEO: Globalizing Vietnamese Packaging Brands

9:32:45 AM | 9/13/2022

With her persistent effort, passion and creativity, entrepreneur Pham Thi Hai Thanh has overcome all challenges to lead Haplast Group to success and uplift the position and brand of Vietnamese packaging products to the world class.

It was quite difficult for me to meet Haplast Group CEO Pham Thi Hai Thanh because she was very busy with her work. From her story, she left a deep impression on me as an agile, sharp-witted, brave and enterprising woman who never feared difficulties and failures on the way to today's success.

Thanh, born in 1980, succeeded in an entrance exam to Hanoi University - Faculty of English in 1998. To equip herself with international business knowledge, in 2000, she continued to study for a second diploma at the Foreign Trade University - Faculty of International Economic Relations to step by step realize her dreams. In 2002, after a lot of effort, she managed to hold two university degrees in two of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam.

After her graduation, she desired to bring Vietnamese packaging brands to the international market. Using her skills and knowledge in foreign affairs, she persistently and passionately researched and developed export packaging products and business connections with foreign customers. Later, that devotion and aspiration were translated into strong motivation for her to lead Haplast Group to success trajectory. Haplast Group's packaging products have conquered 80 countries around the world, especially quality-demanding markets such as the EU, the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

Her first "secret" to lead Haplast Group comes from technology. We have actively invested in advanced technology and modern production lines and quickly grasped consumer trends for high-quality products.

The second is a business philosophy and business ethics. We always take ethics as the foundation built on the highest sense of responsibility and highest self-esteem. Haplast Group is committed to product quality that satisfies all customers and regards the success of our customers as our own one.

The third is corporate culture, expressed through training, exchange, learning and sharing for better mutual understanding, unity and affection. Then, each employee will understand more about the corporate culture, reinforced with collective strength and solidarity to further promote more internal force towards the goal of making Haplast sustainable and everlasting.

Currently, Haplast Group has three factories capable of supplying 5,700 tons of products a month. Especially during the worldwide outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, with its quick and flexible adaptation, effective epidemic prevention measures and innovations in production, Haplast Group managed to continue its business operations and ensure full employment and income for all employees without having a single worker laid off and made positive contributions to the country's economic growth.

Besides the business front, entrepreneur Pham Thi Hai Thanh always upholds social responsibility and pays attention to community development. In addition to creating jobs for hundreds of local workers, she always actively accompanies and mobilizes employees to join in charity and community events organized by central and local governments and civil society organizations like Gratitude Fund, Fund for the Poor and Flood Victims Support Fund. Recently, Haplast Group joined hands to support and finance the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control.

Currently, eco-friendly single-use bags and bio-packaging products manufactured by high technology and decomposed in 24 months are gradually becoming a consumer trend. Grasping consumer sentiment, Haplast Group is pursuing the goal of “Becoming a leading firm in Vietnam with an ecosystem that provides environmentally friendly packaging products and services”, CEO Thanh said.

Haplast Group confidently continues its development strategy with advanced technology, professional people, a strong system and pervasive corporate culture, attracts domestic and foreign resources and supplies many valuable and useful products for society and people. At the same time, the group cares about environmental protection in business and has a high responsibility to the community, thus increasingly affirming its position on a global scale and realizing its vision and long-term development strategy.

Sharing the view that there is a person behind a successful woman, CEO Thanh said, “it is often said that behind a man's success is a woman. And for a woman, especially a businesswoman, it is a man as well. I am very fortunate to have a husband who is always beside me, shares with me in business, takes care of our children and even sympathizes and encourages me, his wife, in family life.

Solidly backed by her family, completely understood and shared by her husband, Thanh continues to lead Haplast Group to more success in the future.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum