Unilever Vietnam and 6 Brands Upgrade School Facilities and Deploy Digital Curriculum on Green, Clean and Healthy Habits

4:29:24 PM | 10/10/2022

Recently, Unilever Vietnam in collaboration with the Ministry of Education & Training hold the announcement and implementation training event for “Green - Clean - Healthy Schools” program for the academic year 2022-2023. The training has been deployed to all primary schools in Hoa Binh province, underpinning the expansion in more than 10 provinces and cities nationwide.

Build up a school model, nourish the country’s future

Children are the future of a country. Educating and developing children and future generations are one of the most important and sacred responsibilities of every nation. Therefore, providing children with a safe, hygienic and healthy learning environment, equipping them with knowledge about school health and hygiene, as well as creating opportunities for them to participate in digital learning program to keep pace up with the 4.0 era play the fundamental role in the comprehensive development of young children.

The program “Green – Clean – Healthy Schools” is an important initiative in the long-term strategic cooperation framework between Unilever Vietnam and the Ministry of Education & Training, towards the vision of building and deploying the standard model “Green – Clean – Healthy Schools” to 4.5 million primary school students nationwide in the period 2021-2025.

Specifically in the academic year 2022-2023, the program will be implemented at 1,150 primary schools in more than 10 provinces and cities nationwide, contributing to helping more than 500,000 students learn and play in a standard school environment, and have the opportunity to develop comprehensively, both physically, intellectually and spiritually. The investment for the program in this school year is estimated at more than 20 billion VND.

“We appreciate and thank Unilever for our long-term, consistent cooperation and support for children's education and development over the years, especially the ‘Green – Clean – Healthy Schools’ program. Through this program, Unilever has been supporting thousands of primary schools across the country not only to have a greener, cleaner and healthier standard learning environment, but also to coordinate in building a source of a creative and useful digital curriculum for teachers and students on essential topics such as hygiene, health, and environment. This is a practical support and a prime example of how a responsible business can contribute and bring a lot of positive values to the community,” said Mr. Thai Van Tai - Director of Primary Education Department, Ministry of Education & Training.

6 brands, 3 enablers, 1 mission

Under the direction of the Ministry of Education & Training, together with Unilever Vietnam's commitment to improving people’s health and well-being, 6 brands – Lifebuoy, P/S, VIM, OMO, PureIt and Knorr will deploy 3 enablers, together aiming for 1 mission – for the comprehensive development of Vietnamese children, for greener, cleaner, healthier Vietnamese future generations.

The first activity of the program is school facilities upgradation, including sanitary conditions with clean toilets, hand washing areas, ensuring clean drinking water and green corners within the school areas.

Nextly, the program will carry out communications and education on hygiene, nutrition, health and environmental protection for students, and an emulation movement to build and maintain green – clean – healthy habits at school.

Finally, bearing the desire to help equip students with knowledge through digital teaching and learning, the program also focuses on building and implementing digital curricumlum with interactive content.

“When the business participate in supporting the national education, under the direction of a leading governmental agency – the Ministry of Education & Training, Unilever Vietnam can contribute positive values to the young generation, the future of country. We can bring highly practical lessons, creative, fun, easy-to-remember approaches and other useful resources to the national education. The success of the program in the previous period is a great motivation for us to expand in 2022 to more than 1,000 schools in provinces and cities across the country,” said Ms. Le Thi Hong Nhi - Head of Communications & Corporate Affairs, Unilever Vietnam.

Specifically, with the Ministry of Education & Training’s direction and the cooperation of 6 brands, Unilever Vietnam has built and deployed the online curriculum system “Green – Clean – Healthy Schools e-Learning”, consisting of comprehensive and essential content on hygiene and health habits to help teachers and students have a useful source of teaching and learning materials. The online curriculum is designed in the form of fun and lively animations for children to easily remember and build a healthy demeanor. The curriculum is approved and updated on the electronic lecture database of the Ministry of Education & Training.

In the previous period from 2012-2020, the program “Green – Clean – Healthy Schools” built 445 safe playgrounds, built and upgraded 1,000 clean toilets, provided free dental check-up for 617,000 students at 762 primary schools and free hand soaps with hygiene education to 7.2 million students across the country. This greatly motivates Unilever Vietnam to further promote this program, contributing to bringing the standard model of “Green – Clean – Healthy Schools” to 100% of primary schools nationwide.

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