Fastest Growing International Examination Board is Available in Vietnam

3:33:19 PM | 10/27/2022

Oxford University Press, a department of the University of Oxford, is introducing an all-through international pathway from early years to A-Level, developing the critical thinking and problem-solving skills proven to equip tomorrow’s global citizens for future personal, academic and career success.

The Oxford International Curriculum and international exam board, OxfordAQA, further Oxford’s commitment to excellence in international education.

Building strong foundations with the Oxford International Curriculum

Oxford International Curriculum for early years, primary and lower secondary was piloted in Vietnam in 2020 and launched globally in 2021, is currently available in many schools across the country, along with more than 90 schools around the world. With seamless progression from one stage to the next, the Oxford approach fosters wellbeing right from the start. The curriculum offers a new approach to teaching, learning and assessment, building the foundations to nurture lifelong learners.

The International GCSEs and A-Levels from OxfordAQA build on these foundations. Benchmarked to UK standards and designed specifically for international students, OxfordAQA exams emphasise subject ability over language skills and cultural knowledge, using OxfordAQA’s unique Fair Assessment principles.

Drawing on over a century of assessment research and expertise, OxfordAQA’s Fair Assessment approach uses valuable tools such as the Oxford 3000™, a list of the most important and useful words to learn in English, to build its exam papers, as well as the use of international contexts, to give every international student the best chance to show what they can do.

OxfordAQA qualifications bring out the best in students across the world

OxfordAQA is a partnership between Oxford University Press and AQA – the UK’s largest provider of academic qualifications. OxfordAQA’s British curriculum exams offer a valid and reliable way of accrediting learning, which in turn, will support the ambitions of many across the world in their pursuit of high quality education.

OxfordAQA Managing Director Andrew Coombe explained: “Demand for British education continues to be a popular choice for many parents in Vietnam and across the Middle East and South East Asia. Being the fastest growing international examination board, OxfordAQA qualifications focus on higher order and cultural thinking skills proven to equip students for future success on their educational journey, and beyond.

”Students taking OxfordAQA qualifications have progressed to leading international universities, and can be confident that educational institutions around the world recognise their achievements.

“Our comprehensive team, both globally and locally, ensures that international school teachers are supported in every way, responding rapidly when help is required, and finding the solution that works best for you,” he said.

“The education of future generations does not simply focus on the acquisition of knowledge.  As we see the world around us changing, students must develop the necessary metacognitive skills and resilience, creating the opportunity to thrive, not just academically, but also personally.  

“I have no doubt that students, and education more broadly in Vietnam, will benefit greatly from the strength of Oxford’s commitment to working here, in partnership with schools,” said Harry Rawicz-Szczerbo, Head of the Trade and Investment Department at the British Embassy, Hanoi.

T.H (Vietnam Business Forum)