Highly Valued Agricultural Products Exported through Lao Cai Border Gate

2:03:48 PM | 11/3/2022

Agricultural products were the biggest exports through Lao Cai International Border Gate in the year to October 12, earning US$39.8 million. Key exports included cassava, watermelon and banana.

Million-dollar agricultural exports were watermelon (nearly US$8 million, banana (US$2 million) and lychee (nearly US$1.5 million).

Notably, one of the biggest exports shipped through Lao Cai International Border Gate Customs Branch was dragon fruit, which earned nearly US$12,000. Meanwhile, in 2021, the branch cleared customs procedures for nearly 400,000 tons of dragon fruit, nearly 80,000 tons of watermelon, roughly 70,000 tons of banana and more than 106,000 tons of cassava.

The decline in key exports was attributed to the zero-COVID policy of China, which caused many business locations to shut down.

The Lao Cai International Border Gate Customs Branch also carried out export procedures for more than 34 tons of durian in the year to October 12. This was the first export of durian products across Lao Cai customs offices.

The customs branch fetched nearly US$700 million from exports and imports via its customs agencies, including more than US$500 million directly handled via the branch and more than US$150 million stored at bonded warehouses (filed customs declarations to other units) and US$48 million of temporary imports which were set to be exported.

By Vietnam Business Forum