New Digital Solution Launched to Support Vietnamese Exporters

1:59:26 PM | 11/11/2022 recently introduced the Verified Supplier membership for global sellers this year, a program that verifies the legitimacy of individual suppliers’ operations.

What is a Verified Supplier?

Verified Supplier is the membership tier for manufacturers on This exclusive designation is meant to create more trust among buyers.

The program provides suppliers with on-site verification services from one of the world’s leading inspection companies, which is SGS. By using these third-party verification consultants, buyers can rest assured that the Verified Supplier status is not issued with any bias, and the findings can speak for themselves.

The Verified Seller verification process involves the review of up to 100 criteria falling into 8 different categories, including:

After-sales guarantee, Company profile, Main products, Management quality, Production capabilities, Research and development capabilities, Service Capabilities, and Supply chain capabilities.

Verified Suppliers can be identified through the “Verified Supplier” tag on The tag is viewable to buyers in the platform’s search results, on product pages, and on suppliers’ company profiles.

Mr. Roger Lou – Country Manager Vietnam, said: “Products from Vietnamese SMEs are always appreciated for the quality of finished products, exporting skills, and customer service. By introducing the Verified Supplier Membership package we would like to emphasize Vietnamese SMEs production capability, product and service quality to global B2B buyers and create more business opportunities."

Benefits of Verified Supplier

Members of the Verified Supplier program also have access to exclusive perks and benefits, including Detailed assessment report downloads, Verified videos and Exclusive Pavillion “Source from Factories.

Regarding Detailed assessment report downloads, the Verified Supplier verification process results in a comprehensive assessment report from a reputable, third-party certification company. Verified sellers can display this assessment report for buyers on their Mini Sites. Access to this sort of documentation is worth its weight in gold. It gives buyers an intimate look at the ins and outs of your business’s operations. This level of transparency ultimately leads to greater trust amongst buyers and helps generate more business leads.

With respect to Verified videos, Verified Sellers also have the option to submit video footage to the inspection companies to be cataloged as another “Verified” element on their storefronts. These videos provide an inside look at your business’s operations and showcase your facilities as reliable and dependable to buyers. This saves time for buyers and suppliers alike since it can eliminate the need for on-site visits.

With respect to Exclusive Pavillion “Source from Factories”, “Source from Factories” is a new designation on that is replacing the “Premium OEM Factories” tag. This signifies that the products are coming directly from where they are manufactured. Aside from signifying reliability on your storefront, the Source from Factories tag lands Verified Suppliers on a special pavilion on the website. This page can be accessed from the marketplace’s home page with just one click. If you go to the home page and scroll to the “Customized Products” window, you’ll find the “Source for Factories” section. This page is populated with products from Verified Suppliers.

In addition to the trust-building benefits that come with being a Verified Supplier, there are a handful of other perks that are included with the Verified Supplier membership, such as:  Verified suppliers have access to additional professional services to help them with their business, including becoming a verified supplier club member, and joining the Vietnam KOL Development program;  Guaranteed increased traffic like sellers with high star ratings within 6 months for new members through "Star Direct"; 60 booths per year and 10 sub-accounts (while GGS suppliers are only allowed 20 booths per year and 5 sub-accounts); Personal account advice provided by a service specialist along with in-depth booth analytics; Registration priority for website promotions such as March expo or Super September; Matching between verified supplier with higher quality buyers by the priority access to the top 25% of quotation posted by those buyers in RFQ market.

Verified Suppliers Membership is not available for all markets at this time. Only suppliers located in China, Italy, Korea, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Turkey can have the opportunity to become a Verified Supplier.

Ms. Hoang Thanh Tam - Managing Director of Indochina JSC, said: “We have been with for 7 years, and this allows us to expand our market not only domestically but worldwide. We recognize the weight of being a pioneer, in fact, there are 2 biggest concerns: Customer Trust, and Competitiveness. However, as a verified supplier, our capabilities have been verified by the world's leading independent assessment agency, this is a crucial factor to put our customers at ease to work with us. And being a verified supplier of has helped us keep our leading position by connecting us with the highest quality customers 6 hours ahead of everyone. Our inquiries volume compared to the industry average is 6 times higher and our GMV has reached 5 million dollars since we become Verified Supplier”.

TT (Vietnam Business Forum)