SCG Sharing the Dream 2022 Scholarship is Officially Announced to Mark Its 15-Year Journey by Fostering Sustainable Mindset and Lifestyle for Next Generation Nationwide

8:44:05 AM | 11/16/2022

SCG in collaboration with the Central Youth Union kicks off its 15-year flagship corporate social responsibility activity SCG Sharing the Dream 2022 under the theme “Sustainable Future Starts From Your Dreams”.

This year’s scholarship aims to support 100 students nationwide, with a total fund of VND 1.5 billion, besides a series of engagement activities throughout the year to equip the scholars with “sustainable” mindsets. The program has affirmed SCG’s continuous commitment to empower the youth to realize “the big dream” for the country’s sustainable future.

SCG Sharing the Dream was initiated by SCG in 2008 to support human development in Vietnam through education. Throughout its 15-year history, the scholarship has given strength to more than 5,000 students nationwide, empowering them to overcome difficulties and achieve life dreams through education. In 2022, marking its 15th anniversary, the scholarship has innovated its scheme beyond financial support, to nurture the mindset of its scholars toward sustainability. 

Mr. Piyapong Jriyasetapong, General Director of SCG Vietnam, representative of SCG shared: “The world we live in is facing drastic challenges caused by inequality, environmental destruction, pandemic, conflicts and many unexpected issues. As the regional leading sustainable business, SCG has applied ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance strategy throughout our operations to cope with and prepare for these changes. We believe that this is also important for the youth today to understand and be able to take actions to address these global challenges.”.

“Hence, our flagship program Sharing the Dream this year aims to go beyond financial support to nurture the sustainable mindset amongst Vietnamese youth. Accordingly, our scholars will be engaged in a series of training, field trips and even social activities, through which they can become responsible citizens who care for the country’s sustainable future.”, he added. 

SCG Sharing the Dream 2022 provides 100 scholarships worth VND 15 million each for students in their first to third year at public universities in the following majors: science and technology, accounting, business administration, marketing, pharmacy and economics, design and environment. Especially, under the theme “Sustainable Future Starts From Your Dreams”, students who receive the scholarship are also able to join many engagement activities throughout the program, including “Competencies for social innovators” training series to incubate their ideas and skills through real-life social projects; Implementation of ESG projects in communities funded by SCG; or ESG Tour at SCG’s green operations nationwide. 

The program is open for registration from November 1 to November 27, 2022. For registration, students can visit: 

As the program’s partner this year, a representative from the Central Youth Union shared: “Every year, the Central Youth Union and the Central Team Council have organized a variety of activities to help students with difficult circumstances succeed in their education and their lives. In addition, as an organization representing children's voices and aspirations; carrying out the mission of protecting the legitimate rights and benefits of young people, we are honored to partner with SCG in such a meaningful campaign to not only support disadvantaged students to pursue education dreams but also to prepare them with a future-proof mindset. The public-private collaboration in the field of human development will result in a fruitful program, to support the nation’s next generation to move toward a sustainable future.”

Ms. Nguyen Vu Nhu Quynh, received SCG Sharing the Dream scholarship since 2018 and joined SCG in a series of ESG activities last year also expressed her appreciation for the program: “The scholarship from SCG has supported me in the financial aspect and thanks to that I can pursue my dream in studying. Also, it has changed my life and my mindset in understanding the sustainable development concept. With all these benefits from the program, I can apply the knowledge I have to not only my study, my personal life but also any social activities I’ve taken part in.” This eventually helps Quynh’s team achieve the 1st national prize in ESG Idea Pitching contest, which is about innovative ideas that improve the environment to ensure a better world for future generations.

Beside core values of this scholarship, AskNow application - an online tutoring platform that provides instant support for students during their school assignments, also accompanies with SCG in this year's program. Accordingly, students in primary and secondary schools who have difficult circumstances will receive a code to activate accounts on Asknow and 100 scholarships worth 2 million VND/ each. Through the application, students in remote areas can learn better, anytime, anywhere. The initiative aims to deliver 36,000 questions which are equivalent to 270 million VND and hopes to help thousands of students learn better and more effectively. 

With the desire of spreading positive impact and shaping green living for the young generation as well as the community, SCG creates an online engagement activity ESG Challenge in the framework of SCG Sharing the Dream scholarship. This is a playground which encourages practical joint actions towards the environment. From that meaning, the challenge is an opportunity for those who love the environment to share their voices to bring a “green” and positive spirit to the community.

In recent years, SCG has stepped forward to lead Vietnamese students closer to the concept of sustainable development and ESG. Besides SCG Sharing the Dream Scholarship and ESG Idea Pitching contest, students are also given a chance to join ESG Camp hosted by SCG. These initiatives not only enhance students’ domain knowledge but also develop skills that will help them address environmental and social issues of the present and the future. 

SCG Sharing the Dream is one of SCG continuous commitments to support human resource development in Vietnam through education during the past 15 years since its beginning. For more information of the scholarship program and passionate stories of scholars, please visit fanpage: 

Van Luong – Vietnam Business Forum