Customs Authorities Conduct 2,400 Post-clearance Audits, Tax Assessments

9:51:42 AM | 11/16/2022

That was the result made by the customs sector since 2021 and worked as a basis for the Ministry of Finance to assess and rank the Public Administration Reform Index (PAR Index) 2021, which was recently announced by the Ministry of Finance.

Over the past time, public administration reform has always been considered a central and cross-cutting task that is seriously implemented by the General Department of Vietnam Customs in a consistent and comprehensive manner in all professional fields. The top ranking in the PAR Index 2021 of the Ministry of Finance showed its great efforts in public administration reform in a bid to create an enabling business environment for enterprises.

While building institutions, providing favorable conditions for enterprises, effectively applying the information technology system and coordinating specialized inspection, customs authorities also promptly responded to customs law violations, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

In order to create a fair and healthy business environment, the General Department has adopted measures to control and combat smuggling, trade fraudulence and counterfeiting at land border gates, seaports, river ports, international civil airports and other locations within customs control areas.

In addition, customs authorities have well performed customs clearance and release of goods. Particularly, they have focused on strictly controlling areas prone to law violations; promptly detected and prevented acts of illegally transporting medical masks, medical supplies, weapons and ammunition across the border; and actively coordinated with relevant forces to strengthen patrols and strictly control border areas.

Customs authorities have strictly handled violations, improved State administration, and raised awareness and responsibility of public employees for their official duties and service and recommended amending and supplementing inadequate policies and procedures.

The deployment of consistent solutions has brought positive results in this work. Accordingly, from the beginning of 2021, the customs sector has worked with relevant forces to unearth and capture about 23,000 violations, with the value of violated goods of VND6,700 billion, exercised administrative sanctions on 20,000 cases, imposed a total fine of VND500 billion; prosecuted 28 cases and proposed to prosecute 230 cases. The sector also performed 235 inspections, recommended collecting VND320 billion of dodged tax and paid VND280 billion to the State Budget.

In particular, the customs sector has carried out 2,400 post-clearance inspections and imposed taxes and administrative fines of VND1,000 billion.

Hien Phuc (Vietnam Business Forum)