Roche Pharma Vietnam Awarded Certificate of Merit for Contributions to the Supportive Fund for Cancer Patients

5:29:04 PM | 12/15/2022

At the 10-year anniversary of Bright Future Fund and fundraising to support underprivileged cancer patients, Roche Pharma Vietnam was honored to receive a prestigious Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Health for significant contributions to the Bright Future Fund (BFF). According to the BFF's 10-year summary report, Roche Pharma Vietnam has significantly contributed through BFF to support patients.

The fundraising event for underprivileged cancer patients received the attendance of Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan, Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan, representatives of the Ministries, departments, domestic and international organizations.

Lennor Carrillo, General Director of Roche Pharma Vietnam, receives Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan for its significant contributions to Bright Future Fund and fundraising to support poor cancer patients

In Vietnam, the number of new cancer burdens increased rapidly from 68,000 in 2000 to 182,563 in 2020, putting pressure on patients, their families, the health sector and society. In 2011, the Bright Future Fund was established to support cancer patients and research in order to increase the quality of cancer prevention and fight in Vietnam.

Joining hands with BFF since the early days of its establishment, Roche Pharma Vietnam has made many contributions in raising awareness, supporting patients’ access to innovative treatments, strengthening the capacity of medical staff and conducting research on new solutions in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

“As a global leader in healthcare, Roche has been actively collaborating to improve the quality of care and treatment for patients at lower cost of the society. We are honored to partner with the Bright Future Fund in the fight against cancers during the past ten years.The recognition that we received today is immensely meaningful to our domestic employees who have been working hard to improve the outcomes for patients and the health sector.” Lennor Carrillo, General Director of Roche Pharma Vietnam shared.

Lennor Carrillo, General Director of Roche Pharma Vietnam (3rd person from the left), receives a trophy from the Bright Future Fund for its 10-year support to patients with cancer

Through collaborations with BFF, many meaningful support programs have been implemented during the past 10 years. Over 45,000 women with high risk of breast cancer were screened for free, and more women have been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. A support program was implemented to reduce financial barriers and improve access to innovative drugs for almost 1,500 non-small cell lung cancer patients with EGFR mutation.

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