Promoting Administrative Reforms to Better Serve People and Businesses

11:27:09 AM | 12/20/2022

Not only reducing the time and easing people and businesses, but stronger administrative reforms have also enabled Vinh Phuc province’s socioeconomic recovery and rapid development.

Effectively implementing four one-place actions

Seeing people and businesses as the heart of administrative reform, Vinh Phuc has launched a lot of innovative and creative activities to enhance administration in the past time. The province introduced goals, roadmap and solutions to implement State Administrative Reform Master Program at the request of the Government, which focuses on six contents: Institutional reform, administrative procedure reform, State administrative apparatus reform, civil service reform, public finance reform, and construction and development of e-government and digital government. Every year, the Provincial People’s Committee directs relevant agencies and localities to renew the single-window mechanism in handling administrative procedures; effectively carries out the “four one-place actions” principle, including receiving, appraising, approving and returning results at the Provincial Public Administration Service Center and the "single-window" divisions at district and commune levels; and requires civil servants to apologize to people for delays in handling administrative procedures. The province steps up information technology application, uses software to settle administrative procedures to ensure integration and synchronization with provincial and national public service portals and ensure uniformity of the single-window mechanisms to meet requirements for handling administrative procedures in the new situation.

Furthermore, the province enhances publicity and transparency of administrative procedures; regularly reviews, updates and announces newly promulgated, amended, supplemented or annulled procedures; reduces and simplifies by at least 20% the processing time of 825 administrative procedures that need more than 10 working days to get settled; and reduce the time for processing investment certificate procedures from 15 days to 11 days and investment certificate verification time from 40 days to 36 days. The province intensifies inspection and speeds up the process of handling administrative documents at agencies and localities; and steps up settlement of administrative procedures online, especially for administrative procedures of Level 3 and Level 4.

To apply digital technology in administrative reforms, Vinh Phuc has used Zalo software for looking up and notifying the settlement status and results of administrative procedures; interconnected single-window software and express delivery software; provided online payment solutions on the National Public Service Portal by scanning QR codes; digitized and linked electronic administrative records on land between tax authorities, land registration offices, and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment; and provided a chatbot system that automatically responds to people's comments and recommendations.

With its consistent solutions implemented, in the past years, Vinh Phuc has always been in the Top 15 localities nationwide in terms of administrative reform. Its Public Administration Reform Index (PAR Index) ranked 14th in 2018, 10th in 2019, 15th in 2020 and 5th out of 63 provinces and cities in 2021.

Administrative reform to increase investment

Vinh Phuc targets to attract from US$2 - 2.5 billion of foreign direct investment (FDI) capital and VND20,000-25,000 billion of domestic direct investment (DDI) capital in the 2020-2025 period. Therefore, identifying administrative reform, with focus on administrative procedure reform, as an important factor to attract business investment, the Provincial People's Committee assigned 71 administrative reform tasks to relevant agencies and localities; strengthened the reform of State administrative apparatus, inspected, informed and trained to help people and businesses access new policies on administrative reform.

According to the report of Vinh Phuc Provincial People's Committee, 50 out of 71 administrative reform tasks were performed in the year to September 2022, equal to 70.4% of the target assigned by the Provincial People's Committee. Relevant agencies reviewed 1,050 administrative procedures at all three levels of government and proposed simplifying 43 administrative procedures; synchronized data from the new National Database on Administrative Procedures with the Provincial Public Service Portal where 1,792 administrative procedures are publicly listed. Specifically, provincial, district and communal single-window divisions received and returned 1,368 administrative procedures, 285 administrative procedures and 139 procedures, respectively.

According to the Provincial Public Administration Service Center, from December 15, 2021 to September 14, 2022, provincial agencies received 91,587 administrative procedures, including 83,209 procedures properly handled in time and before time or nearly 91% of the total. District and commune agencies received 245,672 records, with nearly 95% handled in time and before time. Particularly, provincial agencies received 30,974 online records in the first nine months of the year, or 21.5% of total records, including 6,330 records of Level 3 and 24,643 records of Level 4.

To modernize the administrative system and develop e-government and digital government, Vinh Phuc has prioritized investment resources in building and completing information infrastructure, specialized databases and national databases, especially database on population and land connected to business registration database. From January 1, 2022, the single-window software and online public service portal Igate were integrated at the website address, connecting 744 public services at Level 3 and Level 4 to the National Public Service Portal. From April 2022, the LGSP system of Vinh Phuc province was installed and operated at the Provincial Information Infrastructure Center to form a synchronous system with stable operation and meet management requirements.

Vinh Phuc leaders asserted to continue reviewing, reducing time and optimizing the process of handling administrative procedures; reformed and improved the performance of single-window mechanisms; diversified methods of receiving and handling procedures to enhance customer satisfaction; stepped up development of e-Government and digital government, increased the rate of settling online public administrative procedures of Level 3 and Level 4; and encouraged research, promotion and application of practical and effective initiatives.

By Hien Nam, Vietnam Business Forum