Digital Transformation: Boosting Rural Tourism Development

7:44:56 AM | 12/26/2022

Decision 922/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister approving the Program on Rural Tourism Development in New Rural Development in the 2021-2025 period identifies rural tourism development as a solution and a key task of the National Target Program on New Rural Development in this period. Accordingly, rural tourism development is associated with promoting the potential and advantages of agriculture, craft villages, culture and ecological environment of localities, in order to improve the quality of material and spiritual life of the local people, contributing to rural economic restructuring toward multi-value integration, inclusiveness and sustainable development.

Building a database and digital map of rural tourist attractions nationwide

According to the Program on Rural Tourism Development in New Rural Development in the 2021-2025 period, the specific goal by 2025 is to develop and standardize rural tourism destinations and products. Each province and city will strive to have at least one recognized rural tourist spot associated with the local advantages in agriculture, culture, craft villages or ecological environment; 50% of rural tourism service establishments will be recognized as meeting tourist service standards.

Rural tourism development will be promoted in association with the digital transformation process; at least 50% of recognized rural tourist spots will be digitized and connected on tourism promotion pages by digital technology.

By 2025, 50% of rural tourist spots will apply electronic transactions in tourism activities. Each new rural district with tourism potential will strive to build at least one model of a specific agricultural and rural tourism linkage chain. At least 70% of rural tourism establishment owners will receive training and coaching in tourism management, and 80% of rural tourism workers will be trained to serve tourists. Each tourist destination will have at least one staff fluent in foreign languages. A database and digital map of rural tourist attractions nationwide will be constructed.

Investing in rural tourist spots under new rural development criteria

The Program on Rural Tourism Development in New Rural Development in the 2021-2025 period also sets out tasks to upgrade and invest in the development of rural tourist spots in association with the implementation of new rural development criteria.

Specifically, it is necessary to orient, arrange and organize spaces and territories of tourist areas and rural tourist spots in accordance with the potential of tourism development and ensure connections with key tourist routes of regions and localities; design and renovate the architectural landscape and environment in the entire tourist destination space, while preserving the traditional identity and ensuring hygienic, convenient and ecological conditions; reducing investments through the use of local, environmentally friendly materials.

It is important to renovate, upgrade and complete synchronous infrastructure (traffic, electricity and clean water systems, medical and healthcare infrastructure, toilets, parking points and lots, navigation system, digital infrastructure and telecommunications connection, collection and treatment of waste and wastewater) at tourist destinations. It is necessary to arrange and build points and centers to display, introduce and sell agricultural products, traditional craft village products, and souvenirs meeting quality requirements.

It is essential to improve the quality of operation and management of destinations (tourist management, accommodation management, tourism business management; ensuring security, order, food safety, and environmental protection for rural tourism). It is important to build and develop service infrastructure (rest stops, display points of rural specialties, food, beverage, sanitation, etc.) along traffic routes associated with tourist attractions with reasonable distances.

Developing rural tourism products with local characteristics

The program also sets the task of developing rural tourism products with the characteristics of regions and areas. Accordingly, it will focus on developing tourism products with high quality, diversity and difference, associated with regional identity and characteristics. It will develop new, highly competitive products and keep up with the trends and tastes of tourists. It will support the conservation, restoration and development of craft villages, cuisine, traditional costumes and agricultural activities, cultural and sports performances; restore the production model of specialty and traditional products to serve tourists through practical experiences; preserve and promote cultural spaces, and cultural, historical and revolutionary relics. It will develop and digitize information, explanatory documents on cultural and historical relics, eco-tourism spots and traditional craft villages associated with rural tourism.

By Thanh Nga, Vietnam Business Forum