Nissin Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd: Coupling Business with Environmental Protection

4:21:02 PM | 1/3/2023

Established in November 2012 in Luong Son district (Hoa Binh province), Nissin Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd (Nissin Vietnam) is a manufacturer of motorcycle components for leading brands in Vietnam such as Honda and Yamaha. Not only assisting local and regional economic development, Nissin Vietnam also focuses on sustainable development, and links business with environmental protection, occupational safety and health and social security.

Nissin Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd is honored as an outstanding enterprise of Hoa Binh province in 2022

Ongoing growth

After 10 years of development, 100% Japanese-invested Nissin Vietnam has grown more strongly to quickly affirm its brand position and become a leading rocker arm manufacturer for motorcycles in Vietnam.

Currently, the company supplies more than 50 million products to customers, including many big brands like Honda, Yamaha and Wistar Corporation (Indonesia). The company’s products are highly appreciated for their quality. On average, the company pays over VND40 billion to the State Budget each year and employs more than 240 workers, mainly locals. The company has helped economic and labor restructuring of Luong Son district in particular, and the socioeconomic development of Hoa Binh province in general.

The company has always focused on strengthening internal capacity by encouraging all employees to bring up their initiatives to improve performance on a daily basis, and motivating departments and employees to carry out major CS-Circle improvement twice a year. Employees have responded well to these activities and improvement projects have helped cut costs, enhanced production productivity and upgraded the working environment for employees themselves.

In addition, to scale up production capacity, supply the market with best products, and meet the increasing customer demands, Nissin Vietnam always focuses on innovating production technology. Accordingly, the company is fostering AI research cooperation with Hanoi University of Science and Technology in a bid to raise productivity and product quality and cut production cost. Despite being affected by the COVID-19 epidemic since 2020, Nissin Vietnam has still invested VND31 billion in expanding production lines and adding new business lines: Manufacturing jigs and designing machine components. The company has invested and installed machinery and equipment for manufacturing and processing whetstones for industrial machines, which is expected to go into mass production from February 2023.

In particular, Nissin Vietnam always coordinates smoothly with customers from order-placing stages to product delivery, as well as working to reduce prices and enhance product quality.

Sustainable development

Not only boosting business, Nissin Vietnam also focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development. The company always abides by policies and laws and fulfills obligations to the State Budget.

Since its inception, the company invested VND2.3 billion in a wastewater treatment system to treat wastewater before discharging it into the drainage system in the industrial park. Every year, Nissin Vietnam cuts electricity consumption, reduces plastic bags and plastic waste discharged into the environment and decreases oil consumption to ease burdens on the environment.

In addition, considering employees an important resource for existence and development, Nissin Vietnam always pays special attention to creating a safe, friendly, professional working environment, taking care of spiritual life, and ensuring remuneration policies for employees, salary increase and annual bonus. While fully adhering to social insurance and health insurance policies and union funding regulations, 100% of employees are entitled to 24H accident insurance. The company has offered other welfare for employees such as physical fitness, vacation, family festivals, year-end parties, gifts on holidays and New Year's Eve.

Furthermore, Nissin Vietnam takes the lead in charity, community development, epidemic prevention and control. Typical events include building houses for the poor in Cun Pheo commune, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province; supporting the COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Fund in Luong Son district; and presenting Tet gifts to poor households in Mai Chau district.

Mr. HIDEKI WADA, General Director of Nissin Vietnam, said: These are the core values, universal and sustainable guidelines at Nissin Vietnam. Hence, employees feel secure to work for the company and stay loyal to the company.

With the vision of becoming a leading manufacturer of high-quality motorcycle components in Vietnam, in the coming time, Nissin Vietnam will continue to reform its governance and operation; improve human resource quality; and expand production and business in many fields. Simultaneously, the company will prioritize investment in upgrading technology, machinery and equipment, accelerating scientific and technological application for stronger production capacity and higher product quality to better meet demands by customers, minimizing negative impacts on the environment, and saving resources for the country.

Remarking on the Hoa Binh investment environment, General Director HIDEKI WADA affirmed: Hoa Binh has various potential advantages for development, including its location as a gateway to Hanoi, young and abundant human resources. The local business investment environment is also more open. The Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Committee and relevant agencies always support businesses and investors from the time they study investment opportunities to the time their projects come into production. If traffic routes from Hanoi to Hoa Binh and industrial parks are upgraded and expanded further, Hoa Binh will be a very attractive investment location for domestic and international investors.

Nissin Vietnam hopes to be further supported by local authorities in the coming time, enabling it to expand operations and provide quality products for the global market. Then, the company will create more values and contributions to Hoa Binh province by paying more to the State Budget, generating incomes for employees, supporting disadvantaged people and joining hands to build a developed community.

By Ngo San, Vietnam Business Forum