Export Value of Vietnamese Businesses Selling with Amazon have Increased More than 45%

8:44:58 AM | 12/28/2022

Amazon Global Selling officially released the 2022 Vietnam Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) Empowerment Report, which reflects a flourishing year of Vietnamese online export via cross-border e-commerce on Amazon.

Vietnamese SMBs are harnessing the power of online stores and export opportunities to drive revenue and increase resilience while Amazon Global Selling fulfills its position as a trusted partner on the go-global journey of Vietnamese entrepreneurs & manufacturers, providing them with resources, tools and services to successfully put their footprint on the global market.

Amazon Global Selling officially released 2022 Vietnam Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) Empowerment Report

According to the report, despite the global economic challenges, cross-border e-commerce still experiences positive growth and contributes to the resilience of local enterprises. The number of Vietnamese selling partners on Amazon has also increased by more than 80%, most of whom are small and medium enterprises, illustrating that cross-border e-commerce is not the unique playground for only big brands anymore. In 2022, Vietnamese selling partners sold nearly 10 million products in Amazon online stores and the total export value with Amazon has increased more than 45%. Amazon Global Selling Vietnam’s effort to their selling partners has created a good effect for the Vietnam digital economy, uplifting Made-in-Vietnam product and brand value, engaging local businesses with social responsibility as well as supporting job creation for locals.

The power of exporting with digital capability to drive Viet SME success

Cross-border e-commerce not only opens a new gateway for Vietnamese entrepreneurs & manufacturers to expand their businesses but also becomes a powerful engine for the development of the country’s economy. AnEco, LAFOOCO, SUNHOUSE and HMG can be cited as outstanding Vietnamese SMEs which successfully surf the wave of cross-border e-commerce with Amazon while creating many jobs for local workers at the same time.

Amazon Global Selling SMB Empowerment Report explores how Vietnamese SMBs have navigated the challenges of the past 12 months, their confidence in the business landscape and how online sales and exports are helping to boost revenue.

The number of products sold by Vietnamese selling partners on Amazon's store increased more than 35% year-over-year.

The number of Vietnamese selling partners that surpassed $500,000 in sales grew by 60%.

The number of Vietnamese SMEs that took advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon increased more than 90% and their FBA sales grew more than 50%.

Moreover, top-selling categories of Vietnamese selling partners on Amazon are Kitchen; Home; Apparel; Health & Personal Care; Home Improvement, which redound to the promotion of Vietnam’s key export industry, as well as indicates the stable development of Vietnamese SMEs on Amazon. 

A trusted partner with advanced tools and world-class services

The 2022 Vietnam Small and Medium Enterprises Empowerment Report depicts how Amazon helps all businesses of any size and type to start, grow their online export as well as build international brands for Made-in-Vietnam products. Powerful tools & services are launched every year which offer impactful shopping data and insights to help businesses launch new products, optimize their sales funnel, and drive revenue. Vietnamese selling partners such as SUNHOUSE, LAFOOCO, AnEco recognize Amazon as an effective place to launch and build successful international brands to achieve long-term growth.

Mr. Nguyen Le Thang Long, Deputy CEO of An Phat Holdings, shared: “With strong technological resources and huge market opportunity, Amazon has become our valuable choice, which coincides with AnEco's goal of sustainable growth. Amazon has paved the way for us to approach 300 million global customers, provided us with effective branding tools to promote our products and enabled us to timely improve product quality and brand credibility based on a diversity of customers' feedback. During the first seven months of 2022, via Amazon, AnEco reached tens of thousands of global customers with remarkable growth of the total sales, about 5 times higher than 2021.”

Mr. Gijae Seong, Head of Amazon Global Selling Vietnam, said: “During the last 3 years, Amazon Global Selling Vietnam has supported thousands of local enterprises on their online export journey and increased resilience through the historically challenging time. The 2022 Vietnam SMEs Empowerment Report shows how Vietnamese entrepreneurs & manufacturers scale and grow with cross-border e-commerce, and we are proud to be a part of their achievements.

We are committed to accelerating the growth of Vietnamese businesses to the world and equipping them to embrace changes and reach new heights in this new global environment. We hope to see more Vietnamese brands entering and expanding their path internationally through global selling on Amazon.

T.H (Vietnam Business Forum)