TH Group Affirms Leadership in Fresh Milk Industry

10:22:12 AM | 1/10/2023

TH Group, the owner of TH true MILK brand, had the impressive year of 2022 with many major domestic and international events and awards.

Leading sustainable development

Last year, with positive contributions to its own sustainable development of enterprises and to sustainable economic, social and environmental development of Vietnam, TH Group was honored with six major awards, including Top 100 Sustainable Development Business awarded by VCCI, Top 30 Business in Asia honored at the Announcement and Awarding Ceremony of Best Sustainability Report in Asia 2022.

Investing in high-tech projects combined with the world's most advanced management science with Vietnamese wisdom and Vietnamese natural resources is the recipe for success, the "golden key" for TH Group to unleash the potential power of agriculture, obtain great achievements, and create an ecosystem of organic, healthy and international quality products, completely made from nature and environmentally friendly.

Defining that sustainable development is a "compass" throughout all core business activities of the group, since 2018, TH has officially issued Sustainable Development Policy based on GRI international standards, with six pillars: Nutrition - Health, Environment, Education, People, Community and Animal Welfare.

For the Environmental pillar alone, TH is a pioneer that founded and joined hands with large organizations in Vietnam to reduce plastic waste, such as Vietnam Packaging Recycling Organization (PRO Vietnam), Vietnam Business Alliance for the Environment (VB4E), Retailers Alliance for Reduced Consumption of Disposable Plastic Bags.

More specifically, the Group stops using disposable plastic bags throughout the TH true mart system, replacing plastic bags with bio-plastic alternatives; using yogurt spoons made from biological materials; reducing 50% of disposable spoons provided with TH true YOGURT products; and sponsoring a survey project for coral conservation in Cat Ba National Park (Hai Phong).

National Value since 2012

Also in 2022, TH Group had five product categories honored at the National Value Awarding Ceremony. After more than a decade of making dairy products that help improve and enhance the stature, physical strength and intelligence of Vietnamese people to date, TH true MILK products now account for 45% of the market share of fresh dairy products in Vietnam. According to the Vietnam Brand Imprint Report 2022, TH true MILK surpassed many other names to enter Top 2 Milk and Dairy Product Brands most chosen by urban consumers.

Not only is TH true MILK a fresh milk product trusted by consumers for years, 2022 marked the first time that nut milk products and healthy drinks (purified water and fruit juice) were also honorably named a National Value. This is the recognition and affirmation of TH Group's quality, reputation and innovative efforts in the journey to execute the mission "For community health" when it continuously launched many new breakthrough product lines.

In recent years, TH has actively innovated, developed and diversified dairy and drink product lines to meet the diverse needs of consumers, aiming to become a "nutritionist" for the whole family. Its typical products include TH true HERBAL tea, TH true NUT milk and TH true TEA. These are all natural, healthy drinks with reduced or without refined sugar.

TH-branded products have not only become the preferred choice of domestic consumers but more than 140 types of the group's products have expanded to China and the ASEAN region.

In particular, TH's products were selected to represent Vietnam to attend many international diplomatic events. At the Vietnam Product Week in Thailand 2022, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc visited TH Group's booth and expressed his confidence in TH’s product quality and believed that TH Group will be successful in Thailand.

Last December, at the Vietnam - Belgium Forum and the Vietnam - Netherlands Business Forum, the TH true HERBAL tea was selected to be the "ambassador" of Vietnamese herbs when Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh introduced it to the Princess of Belgium and many participants at the events.

TH's success has contributed to opening many international markets and bringing the pride of the Vietnamese brand to the world.

Founder's superior thinking

Referring to TH Group, it is impossible not to mention Labor Hero Thai Huong, Founder and Chairwoman of the Strategy Council of TH Group. 2022 also marked many important awards when she became the first and only representative of Vietnam to be honored by CSRWorks International as one of 10 women leaders in Asia with the title "Women for Sustainable Development” and won the "Excellent Entrepreneur" Award at Vietnam's Strong Brand 2022.

14 years ago, she started her journey with TH true MILK, made a "revolution" of fresh milk in Vietnam, contributed to a fundamental change in the Vietnamese liquid dairy industry from reconstituted powdered milk to fresh milk, and fought for transparency in the dairy market. For many consecutive years, she was voted the most powerful businesswoman in Asia by Forbes Magazine.

Her long-term thinking and vision changed the sunny and windy land of Nghia Dan, Nghe An province. Thanks to high technology combined with management science, the project solved the difficulties of Vietnam's agriculture. 10 years ago, Nghia Dan was a poor and backward countryside but it has now become the pride of Nghe An people.

After the success of the dairy project, she continued to fulfill her aspiration to turn the national treasure of Vietnamese herbal medicine into a livelihood for people and started to reach out the world with TH true HERBAL tea.

Despite possessing a rare herbal treasure with thousands of endemic medicinal plants of high usability and economic value and a long-standing traditional medicine, Vietnam has not been able to properly exploit its potential to preserve it and enhance the health of Vietnamese people. Seeing that, over the past 10 years, she has gradually developed and implemented an economic project under the forest canopy, followed by various projects to conserve and develop each precious/special herb like dendrobium officinale, momordica cochinchinensis and Ngoc Linh ginseng.

The cutting-edge technology that made the fresh milk revolution continues to be powerful in the herbal revolution. The entire design, construction and operation of TH is carried out according to advanced technology and techniques imported from Germany or Israel.

Currently, TH is operating two projects of processing and manufacturing herbal drinks: Nui Tien Pure Water, Herbal and Fruit Juice Factory in Nghe An province and Van Ho Fresh Fruit and Herbal Processing Factory in Son La province. These projects are typically showing the path of economic development under the forest canopy associated with high-tech production and processing.

“We can go later but we cannot be left behind - That's my opinion. In the next 10 years, TH will be named on the list of honors for herbal medicine in the world and will be on the top of this honor list,” Madam Thai Huong affirmed.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum