Red-leafed Wall in Van Linh Pagoda in Cam Mountain

9:54:14 AM | 2/16/2023

The charming wall of red leaves is an unforgettable memory for anyone who has been to Cam Mountain and visited Van Linh Pagoda (also known as Leaf Pagoda). If it is sunny, the wall of red leaves is brighter. If it is dark, the brownish red makes it even more romantic.

This red-leafed wall in front of the most sacred temple is the symbol of Thien Cam Son Mountain, created in 1917. Undergoing various historical events, Van Linh Pagoda is today a destination for millions of visitors worldwide to worship and pay homage to the Buddha.

The wall of red leaves in front of Van Linh Pagoda creates a highlight for the tranquil place

Coming here, visitors can relax with the sound of sacred scriptures red in the early dawn and dusk and take a breather before the pleasant view of the mountain pagoda. Besides, they can enjoy the cool air and contemplate the magical scenery of gorges and artefacts linked to various anecdotes and legends about Cam Mountain.

Mysterious Cam Mountain in the beautiful clouds

What holds on to visitors' footsteps is not just legends about holy traces imprinted on this majestic place but also the colors of nature and unique vegetation layers that seems very small but strangely charming.

The wall of red leaves (locally called the “cow lung” or copperleaf”) was planted in the yard of Van Linh Pagoda many years ago. The plants are growing more luxuriantly, blooming brilliantly and extremely lushly. They form a red wall that adorns the pagoda with more colors, incense, and ethereal and enchanting beauty.

The wall of red leaves honors the beauty of the holy place

While copperleaf plants easily decolor in other places, it is strange that this wall of copperleaf plants in Van Linh Pagoda grows very luxuriant. Not only does it decorate the pagoda scenery, generate positive emotions and purify the air and atmosphere for us to ease the mind and reduce stress but this plant is also considered a unique forest vegetable, good for health and curable to skin diseases, digestive symptoms and rheumatism.

Therefore, there is a folklore, literally:

“That Son is not only sacred

But a place for medicinal plants from all over the world to grow.”

Copperleaf plants remain brilliant in any position of the wall

With breathtaking scenery, either aerial or ground view, Van Linh Pagoda is not only a sightseeing destination with a unique and impressive design but also a familiar stop for all to come to this charming land in An Giang province. This is an ideal check-in place on your trip. Never forget to visit the "Wall of Red Leaves" which is always brilliant and beautiful in all four seasons.

Currently, Cam Mountain Cable Car is serving a free buffet until the 29th day of the first lunar month, with more than 30 kinds of delicious local fruit cakes.

Cam Mountain Cable Car is considered the most modern in the Mekong Delta with 89 cabins, capable of serving 2,000 guests an hour. It takes only about 15 minutes to reach the top by cable car where you can admire the beauty of the wall of red leaves in Van Linh Pagoda.

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