ABB Launches Newest Range of Origen Sockets and Light Switches

2:48:52 PM | 3/10/2023

ABB Vietnam has officially introduced to the market the Origen socket-light switch range, a new generation of elegantly designed products, offering outstanding efficiency for users at reasonable prices. With a series of frames and modules, the Origen range of sockets and light switches meets a variety of user needs for all living space in private homes, apartments, and commercial buildings.

Made from high quality materials meeting IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards, the Origen products are designed to ensure the highest safety, especially for children. All Origen sockets have shutters for child protection, complying with the IEC 608844-1 standard for safety protection against electric shocks.

“With over 100 years of experience in innovating materials and assuring aesthetics for sockets and switches of increased capacity, ABB's Origen product range represents innovation, the mission we have determinedly pursued since ABB’s early establishment,” said Mr. Doan Van Hien, Vice President, Electrification Business, ABB Vietnam.

“We believe that with outstanding features, the Origen products will bring high performance and absolute safety, contributing to a comfortable, stylish and safe living space for all Vietnamese families," he said.

In addition to meeting the requirements for safety, efficiency, durability and ease of installation, the Origen range is also focused on aesthetic requirements. Simplicity and flexibility are underlined for this new product series. The sockets and light switches come in a variety of finishes, surfaces and designs with a trendy style, matching user needs for every perfect living space.

To offer Vietnamese users the convenient access to smart home products, ABB recently joined hands with ist authorized distributors, including TDG and A&E Engineering, to open online stores on Lazada. The Origen product range will come onto the Lazada platform through the authorized stores in April.

T.N (Vietnam Business Forum)