Budget Collection and Tax Administration Digitization Are Top Tasks

9:06:23 AM | 3/14/2023

According to Decision 188/QD-BTC of the Minister of Finance, on February 15, 2023, Mr. Mai Xuan Thanh was appointed Acting General Director of the General Department of Taxation (GDT). In his new position, Mr. Thanh shared about key goals and tasks of the tax sector in the coming time.

Acting General Director of the General Department of Taxation Mai Xuan Thanh 

How do you feel when you assume the new position?




I am aware that this is an honor for me, personally. Assigned as Acting General Director of the GDT, this is a huge and heavy duty and responsibility that requires me to focus my heart and mind, and constantly strive to fulfill my responsibility well to deserve the trust and confidence of the leaders of the Ministry of Finance.

Taxation is a major industry, with a vertically organized apparatus from central to provincial and district levels, with 63 provincial tax departments and 413 district tax sub-departments staffed by nearly 40,000 employees. The tax sector administers over 850,000 corporate taxpayers, nearly 2 million business household taxpayers, over 18 million non-agricultural taxpayers and over 20 million individual taxpayers. It is managing 80% of the total State budget revenue.

This shows the particularly important position and role of the tax sector. Therefore, it requires very focused leadership and direction, especially the coordination and direction of the General Department of Taxation, provincial/municipal taxation departments and all tax officers, for me to complete the assigned tasks.

In addition, it is also necessary to continue to take advantage of the support, attention, direction and coordination of central and local agencies, especially Party committees and authorities at all levels, in fiscal management.

Given new tasks and responsibilities assigned by the Ministry of Finance, I will personally need to quickly take up my job, continue to inherit experience from my predecessors; uphold the spirit of solidarity and responsibility, and work hard together with the GDT to successfully and comprehensively execute all assigned objectives and tasks.

As a leader of the tax sector, would you tell us about the goals and tasks of the tax industry in the coming time?

To further promote its achievements, in 2023 and beyond, the tax sector will continue to focus on drastically and consistently implementing revenue management solutions; collecting overdue tax; fighting against budgetary loss; successfully completing budget revenue targets assigned by the National Assembly, the Government and the Ministry of Finance.

At the same time, the tax sector will grasp the coordination, direction and leadership of the Party and the government at all levels to consistently and drastically carry out solutions to strengthen revenue management and combat revenue loss while boosting economic development, reforming administrative procedures, facilitating businesses and taxpayers; vigorously launch information technology applications; intensify inspection and examination; step up communication and dialogue; and solve difficulties for taxpayers.

Moreover, the tax sector will continue to closely coordinate with central and local authorities to successfully carry out tax tasks; promptly and effectively execute guidelines and policies of the Party, the National Assembly, the Government and the Ministry of Finance on solutions to support taxes, fees, charges and land rents for people and businesses to overcome difficulties, and stabilize production and business activities, thus nurturing revenue, making important contributions to the State Budget and creating a solid potential for national development.

Further accelerating information technology applications, digitizing tax administration and deploying domestic and cross-border e-commerce exchanges is a very important task. In 2023, the tax sector will continue to deploy e-invoices generated by cash registers nationwide in a bid to create a fair and transparent business environment. This is also a foundation for the successful implementation of the National Digital Transformation Strategy ratified by the Ministry of Finance and the Government.

At the same time, the tax sector will continue to strengthen discipline, improve the sense of responsibility of public employees in performing their official duties, and exercise anti corruption and thrift.

Deputy Minister of Finance Cao Anh Tuan hands over the decision to appoint Mr. Mai Xuan Thanh as Acting General Director of the General Department of Taxation

Do you have any messages to all tax officers and employees?

Faced with the dual difficulties that the economy is facing from external pressure due to global unpredictable fluctuations and the domestic economy, the tax sector forecasts that the budget collection will face great pressure in 2023 and the following years. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Finance, the sector has carried out scenarios to collect tax in 2023 and in 2023-2025 to fulfill the budget revenue target as specified in the resolution of the National Assembly.

In order to complete all my tasks, personally, I will hope to continue to receive close and regular care and guidance from the Minister of Finance and leaders of the Ministry of Finance; and more coordination and cooperation from agencies under the Ministry of Finance, Party committees and local authorities in the budget collection.

In 2023, with its high political determination, the tax sector will grasp the care and direction of the National Assembly, the Government, the Ministry of Finance and the participation of the whole political system. In particular, by promoting achievements and understanding challenges in the coming time, I believe that all employees of the tax sector will continue to uphold the tradition of solidarity and responsibility and strive to successfully complete all tasks in 2023.

Thank you very much!

By Kien Hien, Vietnam Business Forum