Secrets about Heavenly Lakes in Cam Mountain

10:35:18 AM | 4/6/2023

Not all people flocking to Cam Mountain (Thien Cam Son) know about the mysteries of this charming place. On the sacred and majestic Cam Mountain are large lakes associated with interesting legends.

According to scientists, the bottom of Thuy Liem Lake may be a crater

The most impressive site on Cam Mountain is probably Thuy Liem Lake in front of Big Buddha Pagoda and Van Linh Pagoda at the top of Cam Mountain. Previously, Thuy Liem was only a dry lake until the rainy season when it was full of water. It has a relatively special geological structure. According to scientists, after many geological research samples, it is possibly a crater in the past.

Based on the mysterious formation of Thuy Liem Lake, on March 2, 2005, An Giang tourism industry started dredging and reinforcing it. After many years of restoration, the old dry lake has now become a sparkling and fanciful heavenly lake.

Lying at the middle point of the way up to Cam Mountain, Thuy Liem Lake is like a giant air conditioner that gives a more pleasant atmosphere to the whole area. Currently, the lake supplies water for domestic use and irrigation for all mountain residents as well as a preventive tool against forest fires in the hot season.

Being equally beautiful as Thuy Liem Lake, Thanh Long Lake was invested to include a water park that attracts a large number of tourists

At the foot of Cam Mountain lies scenic Thanh Long Lake, not inferior to Thuy Liem Lake. Sourced from underground water and open surface water from the slope of Cam Mountain, Thanh Long Lake is considered a gathering place of “water veins” that converge the purity of Heaven and Earth.

Thuy Liem Lake and Thanh Long Lake are like axes of symmetry that carry the chain of water circulation from top to bottom and form an interchange of air currents that effectively helps bring a cool atmosphere in all the seasons of the year. In the rainy season, waterfalls and rapids appear here with stunning white foam that shapes a charming scene.

Thuy Liem Lake also features a very big school of colorful carps with a strong spiritual belief. If visitors can admire and take care of "sacred fish" living on the crater of an old volcano at Thuy Liem Lake, they will be offered the chance to be immersed in a refreshing cool, clear water at Thanh Long Infinity Lake. Carrying two distinctive beauties, they both share the same space of ideal heavenly lakes and create a complex of extremely unique water landscapes on Cam Mountain.

By Kim Cuc, Vietnam Business Forum