VCCI Vung Tau: Strenuously Improving and Optimizing Business Support

10:01:53 AM | 5/9/2023

In 2022, despite many difficulties and challenges, Vung Tau branch of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI Vung Tau) managed to accomplish all assigned tasks. Its results have created a favorable business environment, supporting enterprises to develop stably and sustainably.

VCCI Vung Tau regularly proposes solutions to remove difficulties and obstacles related to production and business activities; and actively reflects recommendations of the business community to the Party and State agencies to gradually improve policies and laws, thereby creating a favorable business environment, and supporting businesses and investors.

VCCI Vung Tau also regularly organizes conferences, seminars and training courses to provide information to businesses, helping them make the right decisions for their development direction. Particularly in 2022, it held 37 seminars with the participation of 5,750 enterprises and 71 training courses with the participation of 6,760 enterprises. VCCI Vung Tau effectively promoted activities such as developing laws and policies and improving the local business environment; supporting business development; supporting business associations and members; connecting and improving international integration.

Especially in terms of supporting businesses and improving international integration, VCCI Vung Tau has intensified tasks such as promoting propaganda about integration, supporting enterprises to overcome trade barriers; implementing programs and projects on training and development of enterprises and entrepreneurs; organizing seminars and training courses to improve competitiveness and supporting enterprises in international integration; and providing relevant information and advice on the free trade agreements that Vietnam has signed such as CPTPP, EVFTA, and RCEP.

Particularly in 2022, VCCI Vung Tau held 11 seminars on Free Trade Agreements; connected and supported enterprises to improve product quality; and organized five training courses on international trade transactions. These programs, seminars and training courses have contributed to supporting the integration of the business community in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province and the Southeast region, helping them be more confident to reach out to big markets.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue, Deputy Director in charge of VCCI Vung Tau, said that in 2023, VCCI Vung Tau came up with innovative solutions to optimize support activities and accompany the business community. It focuses on six key tasks: actively participating in the development of laws and policies, improving the local business environment; supporting enterprise development; supporting business associations and members; developing Vietnamese business culture; strengthening connectivity and improving international integration; and renewing, developing and improving the professionalism and operational capacity of the branch.

“The volatile domestic and international context poses many difficulties and challenges for the operation of VCCI Vung Tau. However, VCCI Vung Tau is determined to uphold the spirit of solidarity, striving to support the business community. It will organize large-scale events, trade and investment promotion activities and initiate new programs and projects to support enterprises, aiming to build a strong business community for a prosperous Vietnam," Ms. Hue affirmed.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum