Cu Jut district Socioeconomic: Development Steadily Advances

2:36:36 PM | 5/17/2023

Despite a lot of difficulties, with the timely and drastic direction of the District Party Committee and the District People's Committee, Cu Jut district has successfully maintained stable growth momentum for socioeconomic performance.

Bang Mo volcano, located in Cu Jut district, is a great geological site to explore the space and time imprints of the Earth’s tectonic history

In 2022, Cu Jut district faced the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, unfavorable weather conditions, and deadly livestock and poultry diseases. In addition, increased prices of fuel and construction materials produced pressure on the prices of other commodities and greatly affected the business performance of enterprises and the livelihoods of local people.

Facing this reality, the Cu Jut District People's Committee actively directed all levels of authority, branches and localities to effectively carry out key tasks and solutions stated in resolutions of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Committee, the District Party Committee, the District People’s Council and the District People’s Committee on socio-economic development, defense and security tasks in 2022 and the socio-economic development plan in the 2021-2025 period.

As a result, the district beat all 10 indicators assigned by the District Party Committee and the District People's Council. The economy expanded by 8.53%, higher than the target of 7%. The State budget revenue reached VND372.9 billion as expected. The total investment capital was VND100 billion, 11% higher than the target. The per capita income was VND53 million in 2022, equal to 101% of the plan. The poverty rate fell by 2.17% universally and by 2% in ethnic minorities. Positive progress was seen in social security, people's livelihoods, culture, education, environment, administrative reform and digital transformation.

In 2023, the Cu Jut District People's Committee directed the timely implementation, concretized targets and solutions for implementation right from the beginning of the year; regularly monitored and urged the progress of tasks performed by responsible agencies, communes and towns; actively grasped and removed difficulties for companies; and supported communes, towns, enterprises and organizations in effective socioeconomic development and investment promotion.

In addition, under the leadership of provincial and district authorities and the consensus of local enterprises and people, Cu Jut’s socioeconomic development continued stable growth momentum in the first quarter of 2023. The winter-spring crop area was larger than expected. The commercial activity met people's needs, especially during the Lunar New Year. Budget revenue ensured the execution of assigned tasks. The district stepped up administrative reform; focused on supporting and developing businesses, fostering production and business, and creating growth motivation for the whole year. Agricultural production was gradually shifted toward value chains. Resource and environmental management was tightened. Problems in site clearance were solved to accelerate key projects. The district paid attention to taking care of people’s health and welfare. National defense and security was maintained.

Actively grasping situations, resolutely accomplishing goals

In mid-April 2023, the Cu Jut District People's Committee held a meeting to review social, economic, security and defense indicators in the first quarter and launch tasks in the second quarter of 2023. The event was chaired by Mr. Nguyen Anh Tu, Chairman of the District People's Committee. He requested relevant agencies and localities to focus on implementing key solutions to accomplish all targets in the coming time, especially in the second quarter of 2023.

He also asked them to monitor water sources in rivers, streams, lakes and dams and keep track of agricultural schedules; launch specific response measures to minimize damage and stabilize production; work out irrigation plans and water management and regulation plans; introduce effective response and rescue measures to incidents and disasters; and allocate the budget for natural disaster prevention and control in 2023 to responsible bodies and localities.

The district directed relevant bodies to grant land-use right certificates and procedures with respect to land, natural resources and environment to organizations and individuals in accordance with the Land Law 2013 and conducted State inspections into land and environmental sanitation in communes and towns.

The district administered and managed financial and budgetary tasks in 2023 in accordance with the Budget Law to ensure the balance of budgetary revenue and expenditure; focused on budget collection; reviewed revenue sources, analyzed and assessed revenue estimates, and understood revenue sources and taxpayers. The district closely probed tax declaration and payment by enterprises, organizations and individuals.

Cu Jut district completed its urbanization master plan in the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2040; carried out the resolution on new rural development of the Party Committee; and launched the national target program on new rural development in a new method integrated with many new rural development programs and projects in the same area toward sustainability, efficiency and diversity. The district set the target that each commune would have 1-2 advanced criteria. The poverty reduction target program was carried out as planned in 2023. Cu Jut mobilized resources for poverty reduction and allocated the fund for this work as well as the socioeconomic development program in ethnic minority and mountainous areas.

In culture and society, Cu Jut district organized cultural, artistic and sporting activities to celebrate the 33rd founding anniversary of the district (June 19, 1990-June 19, 2023) as well as major public holidays. It visited and encouraged people with meritorious services, policy families, poor households and ethnic minorities; and planned activities in commemoration of the 76th memorial anniversary of war invalids and martyrs (July 27, 1947-July 27, 2023), and mobilized the formation of a "Gratitude Fund" in 2023 and the humanitarian month in 2024.

Focused investment to upgrade Cu Jut into town after 2027
According to the land-use plan to 2030, Cu Jut will have a total natural area of over 72,000 ha, of which agricultural land accounts for 92.76%; non-agricultural land, 7.05%; and unused land, 0.19%. The planning is based on legal, scientific and practical bases of land use. It also closely followed the socioeconomic development directions and strategies of the nation, the Central Highlands, Dak Nong province and the district.
Planning options help carry out the district’s orientations and visions to 2030 and provide enough land funds for its target to become a modern, smart, friendly and distinctive provincial city, as well as a growth engine in the north of the province. According to the planning, by 2030, the non-agricultural land fund will be enlarged by 1.23 times from the current area for building new urban areas, developing transport, industry, tourism services and social and technical infrastructure.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum