Attractive Tourist Attractions in Tay Ninh

3:43:33 PM | 5/31/2023

Coming to Tay Ninh, visitors should not miss charming tourist attractions such as Ba Den Mountain, Tay Ninh Holy See, Long Hoa Market, Dau Tieng Lake, Lo Go - Ma Xat National Park or Go Chua Orchard.

Ba Den Mountain

“Tay Ninh is famous for the beauty of Nui Ba,

Its majestic stature inspires so many poems”

Ba Den Mountain lies in Tan Thanh commune, northeast of Tay Ninh City, about 11km from the downtown. Nui Ba Mountain region covers 24 square kilometers and has three smaller mountains, namely Heo, Phung and Ba Den. With an altitude of 986 meters, the highest in southern Vietnam,

Ba Den Mountain is nicknamed "the roof of the Southeast". This place is famous for sacred pagodas that attract many visitors from all over the world, for example Trung Pagoda, Ba Pagoda and Hang Pagoda.

Besides, Ba Den Mountain is blessed with a diverse ecosystem and gorgeous landscape. That is why this place is always chosen by travelers for trekking and nature discovery.

Tay Ninh Holy See

Tay Ninh Holy See is an important religious work of Cao Dai religion, built in 1933 and completed 1955 after a period of interruption. The internal system includes the Holy See, the Temple of the Mother and the Towers. The system was notably built with bamboo-reinforced cement, unique design and meticulous sculptures. In addition to the Holy See, the complex has many other important works plus a plant population, especially surrounded by big trees. Therefore, when coming to the Holy See, visitors feel very relaxed with fresh climate.

Long Hoa Market

This is a cross-shaped building complex located on a square lot, surrounded by eight streets with eight gates. The busiest market in Tay Ninh province sells many specialties such as rice paper, rice paper with sesame and especially processed salt.

Dau Tieng Lake

Dau Tieng Lake

Dau Tieng Lake is the largest artificial lake in Vietnam, blessed with a charming landscape and a unique ecosystem. Covering more than 27,000 ha, the lake creates an eye-catching natural picture. Due to its large area, Dau Tieng Lake is also known as “Sea-like Lake” of Tay Ninh.

Lo Go - Ma Xat National Park

Lo Go - Ma Xat National Park

As one of 10 ASEAN Heritage Parks in the country and also the only one in the Southeast region, Lo Go - Xa Mat National Park in Tan Bien district, Tay Ninh province, has a natural area of over 30,000 ha, with rich flora and fauna. This place is attracting more and more tourists and becoming one of the most popular eco-tourism and picnic destinations of the Southeast region.

Thien Lam - Go Ken Pagoda

Thien Lam - Go Ken Pagoda is one of the earliest built temples in Tay Ninh province. At present, this more than 100-year-old temple is the most unique and beautiful spiritual tourist destination in Tay Ninh. It currently has one of the largest statues of Quan The Am Buddha in the Southeast region. The statue on a lotus-shaped foundation in the middle of the lake inside the temple grounds makes this place more dignified and tranquil.

Long Dien Son Tourist Area

Long Dien Son Tourist Area

Long Dien Son Tourist Area, covering 27 ha, features many unique and attractive entertainment games for tourists to enjoy great moments.

Go Chua Orchard

Go Chua Orchard

The southern region is typically known for lush green gardens and Tay Ninh is no exception. In the province, Go Chua Orchard is a very popular destination. Coming here, visitors can visit large fruit-laden orchards and enjoy fresh fruits or other local specialties.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum