Sao Mai An Hao Solar Park: Fueling Travelers

4:08:21 PM | 5/1/2023

Post-COVID-19 depression

Today, powered by internet development, we can communicate with each other easily through social networks. Therefore, it is not difficult to assemble a crowd or create a strong effect by many people joining together.

Psychologically, the “crowd effect" is a change or an unintentional action of an individual under the influence of many other individuals who are not related to each other, but all tend to have a common trait.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences lasting until today are also more or less affected by crowd psychology. Although the pandemic is no longer dangerous, spreading information creates a heavy psychological burden on many people. After being infected with COVID-19, many fell into depression and exhaustion.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), COVID-19 made 63% of 18-24-year-olds anxious or depressed, with 25% of them using more stimulants and about 25% thinking about suicide.

A survey at Ho Chi Minh City COVID-19 Resuscitation Hospital in 2021 found that 53.3% of patients treated here showed anxiety disorders, 20% suffered from depression and 16.7% ensured stress. Particularly, 66.7% of patients who used the high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) therapy with masks or ventilators suffered from depression and anxiety disorder.

Epidemic, economic recession and life pressure are causing severe depression in many people. Therefore, current depression is like a hurricane sweeping the world, leaving no one unaffected, even young people, middle-aged people, and women.

Fueling travelers

In today's stressful life, anyone can become a victim of depression. It is important to be emotionally aware and open to alternative ways that allow you to change the way you see the world.

Opening your heart and mind to new experiences is an effective way to manage depression, restore energy, and regain strength to look ahead with optimism. Among them, traveling is seen as an effective way to overcome depression.

Vietnam is currently carrying out economic stimulus, especially in the service industry, in which tourism is of particular interest. Tourism is not only economically significant but importantly makes people more optimistic and confident about life.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many tourist resorts in Vietnam were opened very early and carefully invested to welcome visitors. An Hao Solar Park tourist area in An Giang province is a highlight in the Southwest of Vietnam. This shining place always takes the lead in providing green tourism solutions. Currently, the tourist area is carrying out a plan to expand services and provide many attractive incentives for visitors, especially schoolchildren, students and people who succumb to depression.

An Hao Solar Park Tourist Site

To enable more students, youngsters and people with depressive disorders to have more opportunities to travel, experience, recharge more positive energy and access solar power technology, Sao Mai An Hao Solar Park has deeply reduced the entrance fee. This has produced a very positive effect when it has been chosen by schools everywhere for their student excursion trips.

At Sao Mai Solar An Hao, ticket prices are reduced to support tourists, especially students

Looking at the joyful traveling activities of young people in Sao Mai Solar An Hao, you will change your prejudice that today's young people only keep using smartphones all day. Instead, more and more are confident about the future of children, of this world.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum