Glamour from An Hao Solar Park

2:28:52 PM | 4/10/2023

An Hao commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province, Vietnam was previously known as a thinly populated poor commune. However, it has become a popular name in recent years as it has drawn many big business projects as well as giant tourism projects of locally cultural identity and upmarket class, including Sao Mai Solar An Hao Tourist Area. Many visitors are astonished at the scenery as saying “An Hao is where all elements of life come together, from land, water, light and even spirituality"

Situated at the foot of Cam Mountain where there are many legends about Buddha, An Hao Solar Park is proud to be built in an extremely beautiful location. Talking about the location of the project, it is said that the park is like “resting its back on the Buddha's feet and turning its face to the earthly world”.

Sao Mai An Hao Solar Park

Exploring Sao Mai An Hao Solar Park, visitors seem to be lost in the sunflower forest that keeps tracking the sun. Nearly 1 million solar panels have been installed at this photovoltaic power station, forming an endless field of “sunflowers”. There are many solar power plants in An Giang and Vietnam. However, An Hao Solar Park is one of the few plants that is invested in the most methodical and thoughtful way to result in very high economic efficiency and become a unique visiting place for domestic and foreign tourists.

A group of rock blocks in the shape of the Buddha's Hand

More specially, Sao Mai An Hao Solar Park is in the middle of Cam Mountain, a well-liked tourist complex. Besides the spectacularly beautiful landscape, this place carries many legends and sacred stories, including the “Buddha Hand.” This is a story about a rock block whose shape looks like the right hand of Shakyamuni Buddha. In the past time, this place has become a must-visit destination for local people and many tourists when they come to Cam Mountain tourist complex with the belief that the Tathagata, a Buddha, is present and brings good blesses to all.

Thien Canh Lake, full of fresh air, is a favorite check-in place for visitors

In addition, this place is well-known for natural and artificial masterpieces such as Thuy Liem Lake, Van Linh Lake and Thien Canh Lake. While Thuy Liem Lake and Van Linh Lake are natural, Thien Canh Lake is artificial. The last was invested and built by Sao Mai Group to rebalance the surrounding landscape and take water from Thanh Long stream on the top of Cam Mountain. Thien Canh Lake creates a surreal natural picture.

The hand of the Creator, combined with the human mind and effort, has created an increasingly glossy Cam Mountain that is appealing enough to lure and keep visitors.

Tam Tuc (Vietnam Business Forum)